Scale Your Impact,
Minimize Your Risk &
Leave The Legacy You Were Created For


70% of startups fail due to “premature scaling”
- Forbes
This is caused by focusing only on a part & not seeing your entire business ecosystem as a whole

Productive Profits™ is the holistic approach to achieve sustainable growth


Create the framework that will guide your growth & impact goals


Build your business ecosystem to work harmoniously as you focus on expanding your impact


Maintain success as you grow & expand to reach new horizons

Rinse. Repeat.

"Raul is like McKinsey but for entrepreneurs."
Spencer Shaw
CEO & Founder at PodKick Media
"We have almost tripled in growth in one year... more importantly it's given me my time and my sanity back"
Aaron Parkinson
CEO, 7 Mile Media SEZC
"With one idea alone I found ways to save my company nearly $100,000 a year in cost savings. ONE IDEA."
Jeremy Kean
Founder of Sudz Fundraising, Spiritwear Inc. and Route 40 Home & Wellness
"Raul is one of those people that become a major asset in your business the moment you speak with him. Most importantly, he cares about getting people results and it shows"
John Michael Morgan
#1 Bestselling Author | Branding Consultant | Business Coach

3 Ways to get Productive Profits™ in your business


Every chapter will go over a specific principle within the Productive Profits™ protocol, detailing why the principle is important and then give you an ACTION MAP that will help you easily implement what you learned immediately after finishing each chapter. 

THE continuum

Get the tools, resources and support your team and business needs in order to scale your impact safely. Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your company is working as it should while you grow and expand. 

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Work 1on1 with Raul to maximize your potential & impact. 

About Raul

Raul grew up in the startup scene of San Diego learning from top local entrepreneurs and some of the world's largest brands. He's helped grow several companies, worked with some of online’s influential players and have helped train and coach hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow their business....


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