Mission Driven Founders:

Get a Comprehensive Growth Plan to Reach Your Goals & Scale Your Impact

Growth Plan strategically aligns your company's purpose, mission & goals with your ideal clients, offerings, revenue model, marketing, sales and operations to create an actionable roadmap to scale your impact or your money back.

I have an increased confidence that we will meet our very lofty goals and that we're maximizing our investment in marketing and sales leading up to meeting those goals because of Raul.
Peter Blute
Head of National Operations @ YCP

Are You Stuck Trying to Answer:

A Growth Plan Helps By:

The Growth Plan Process

After you’ve schedule your discovery call & we’ve identified that we can help: 

1. We add you to our Project Management Portal to begin our holistic audit of your organization 

2.  We’ll schedule & attend our 90 minute onboarding call to dig deep on key questions from our audit

3. We’ll go to work to create your Growth Plan (typically takes 30-45 days), and in the meantime you have direct access to chat with us inside our Project Management Portal

4. Once the Plan is complete, we’ll schedule & attend our 2 hour Growth Plan delivery call with a fully loaded Implementation Checklist 

5. Once the Plan is delivered, we’ll schedule & attend 3 separate 45 minute Implementation Check In Calls over the course of a full quarter (90 days) to ensure you are on the path & answer any implementation questions you may have on the call. 

"Raul's program is one of the best returns on investments I've seen. I really appreciate Raul's pace - you know that time is well spent and that he takes every minute seriously in his quest to help your company grow. I also am very grateful for his emphasis on data and tracking important KPIs that lead to profitability. Finally, his understanding of human behavior is exceptional. With Raul, you really do get the full package. "
Jennifer Baugh
Founder & Executive Director of Young Catholic Professionals (YCP)
"Raul has helped me develop a plan that I could follow step by step to be able to get my product out into the world in an effective way, in ways that I never even thought of before. He has given me confidence that I need in order to do the best work possible to effectively grow my business and to impact my customers in the best way possible"
Dr. Mark Heyman
The Diabetes Psychologist
"I had the pleasure of working with Raul for over a year in the middle of our company, going through a period of rapid growth, and he was critical to helping create our vision, our structure, and plan for where we were going, as well as executing that plan with our team. Really appreciate the amazing work that we did together, and if you're a business owner, I know that you're gonna love working with him too."
Adam Whiting
CEO, Entre Institute

What You Get With a Growth Plan

Each Growth Plan goes through the disciplined and refined process learned from real world experience and insights from what’s working now in the marketplace.

We go through: 

No two Growth Plans are the same, however, a Growth Plan is typically 40-50 pages in length and comes complete with 10-25 additional documents, strategies and tools, empowering you and your team to have everything you need to implement.

What's Expected of You

Be open and transparent: we can only provide deep insight if we get a deep understanding of your organization and we rely on you for that. Rest assured our contracts include full confidentiality clauses and we operate with high moral & ethical standards.

Prompt response: we can only move as quickly as the information we get, including availability for our onboarding call.

Be hungry to take massive quality action to implement your plan: we will provide the map, tools and strategies, you must be able and willing to execute it at the highest level to scale your impact.

This is not for everyone. We provide the highest value and impact for mission driven founders who: 

• Sell services, memberships, information, coaching or live events to deliver your impact. We currently are not taking on organizations that run solely off of donations or sell consumer packaged goods or clothing. 

• Have a team (small and mighty is ok) that can help execute the plan OR

• Are able to invest (or get investments) in growth to bring on new functions and activities recommended in the Plan 

The Investment

Growth Plans begin at $5,000 USD

50% is due at signing. The remaining 50% is due at delivery & acceptance*

Clear To Grow Money Back Guarantee

*If the Growth Plan delivered in our final session does not clarify clear growth opportunities and actions your team can take to reach your goals, and you deny acceptance of the plan, you will get your money back. 

My work is my signature…

…and even though I’ve had no one deny their plan…

I want you to know I have skin the game and your best interest in mind when developing your plan.

I am in the business of driving your growth

Do Good Work,


Raul has a bias for simplicity and action, and it helps cut through a lot of the noise and ultimately focus on the right things to ensure that we are going to meet the lofty goals. I have an increased confidence that YCP will meet its very lofty goals and also that we're maximizing our investment in marketing and sales leading up to meeting those goals because of Raul.
Peter Blute
Head of National Operations, Young Catholic Professionals (YCP)
“ ‘I can’t imagine trying to grow this company without Raul’s help’… In 18 months we 5x’d our monthly recurring revenue… Raul is someone I can trust”
Jimmy Coleman
Founder, LeadBaller
Raul is a one-of-a-kind unicorn. He has the power to weave together all your needs as CEO with an integrated team, not just for smooth operation but also for how you can scale up successfully and maintain focus on high-leverage activities that will help attain these goals through success habits he's formulated over the years.
Liana Ling
Founder Power Up Strategy & CEO of AdSkills
"I've had the pleasure of working with Raul over the last year and to be honest, I'm utterly impressed. Raul's abilities are really quite extraordinary on so many fronts: from vision to strategy; and, from bottlenecks to streamlined & optimised processes that make business growth way less painful. Bottom-line: don't hesitate to reach out to Raul - you will NOT be disappointed."
Andrew McDuff
Chief Marketing Officer
"Raul is like McKinsey but for entrepreneurs."
Spencer Shaw
CEO & Founder at PodKick Media
"With one idea alone I found ways to save my company nearly $100,000 a year in cost savings. ONE IDEA."
Jeremy Kean
Founder of Sudz Fundraising, Spiritwear Inc. and Route 40 Home & Wellness
"Raul's advice and expertise have been invaluable in my own business, and I can confidently say that his strategies have led me to significant growth and success... most impressively, Raul has helped me turn my intuited ideas and habits into productizable services that can be delivered at scale."
Zach Hammer
Real Estate Marketing Consultant
"Raul makes business simple and approachable through practical exercises and strategies to execute one's vision."
Epiphany Ryu
Operations Director at EpiSys Science, Inc.
"Raul is a great business coach. He helped me become clear on what value I bring to my target market, where to reach them, and what message I should deliver. He helped me create a step by step plan on how to market to my clients and how to measure how well things are going."
Dr. Jason Carter
Software Developer
"I love the way Raul's mind works. He has the unique ability to make order and systems in places I see complete chaos."
Mike Zimov
Marketing Expert
"Raul is one of those people that become a major asset in your business the moment you speak with him. Most importantly, he cares about getting people results and it shows"
John Michael Morgan
#1 Bestselling Author | Branding Consultant | Business Coach
"Raul's method is a must for business owners, especially ones that lean toward a more creative mindset instead of an analytical one."
Justin Darby
Business Owner
"Raul is an amazingly supportive teacher and coach."
Tracy Rye
Tracy Rye, LLC
"Raul simplifies the complex hidden business traps through his authentic, transparent, and qualified experience. Productive Profits does more than impact your business. It will impact you towards success in every facet of life you are Called-To."
Jody Matheson
Creative Strategist
"Raul personally give you the roadmap you need to succeed as a CEO, but he also does it in a way that takes your business on the journey it needs for maximum impact."
Brandon Clark
"Raul has a charismatic and systematic way of explaining situations that would otherwise seem complex and unfathomable. He has a unique process driven yet philosophical approach to business and enterprise. A rare combination in a world of the cookie cutting coach. Having seen Raul speak on stage and have the privilege to speak with him in person as a friend."
Lee Brooker
Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategist
"Productive Profits simplicity cuts to the heart of what you need to do to really scale your business."
Charles Alexander
Business Owner