For experienced professionals selling B2B services who want to generate qualified new business through LinkedIn & grow as an industry authority

Get the B2B Solo Founder's Authority Selling Playbook

Generate New Opportunities Within 60 days or Your Money Back.

Developed by Raul Hernandez Ochoa

Raul has help 2-5x companies with millions in revenue & profit, build & lead a revenue team that produced $50M in sales in 1 year & trained 1,000's of entrepreneurs in private paid workshops, programs & live events

✅ 60 Day Results
Money Back Guarantee

✅ Implement in
30-90 Minutes Per Day

✅ Pay Once &
Get Forever Updates

This Program is NOT About:

This Program is About:

You'll Get:

Authority Content Training

Relationship Driven Sales

Partner Positioning Deal Making

Your Involvement

1. Implement the training & templates to install the Authority Selling system in your business

2. Establish your daily success habits

3. Start generating new qualified opportunities

New opportunities include:

• Booked appointments with qualified prospects

• Referral partners who can send you vetted leads

• Co-marketing opportunities (speaking gigs, podcast interviews, private community trainings)

Your Investment

One payment of $495

You'll get instant access to the program and any future updates.

My Guarantee

This system works for me & my private clients. I’m committed to making it work for you too.

If you don’t generate at least 1 new opportunity after executing the daily habits for at least 30 days, reach out to me personally. If we can’t find a solution, I’ll fully refund your investment immediately.

Do Good Work,



A: I recommend blocking off 30-90 min/day to consistently build your business Monday – Friday. 

A: LinkedIn Sales Navigator & calendar booking software are must-haves. I share other recommended tools to optimize the system for your business.

A: All templates are in Google Docs for easy migration to your preferred tool. 

A: No, this is a business growth program for solo founders & small teams. It includes my proven content strategy, but the focus is on generating new business holistically.

A: No. I provide frameworks & principles to adapt to your natural style, ideal clients & industry. This program is for skilled founders who don’t need word-for-word scripts. You’ll get conversation flows, pacing & style guidelines to internalize & deliver authentically. That’s what builds real trust & relationships that drive business.

A: No. I’m not taking the sales calls for you. That’s why this program is only for founders who have industry experience and why I only guarantee new opportunities if you follow the process. Once you get a prospect on a call, it’s up to you to do proper discovery (based on your industry experience) and scope the project based on your services and experience of knowing how to solve their problems. The templates provided support you with this but won’t guarantee you close. 

The Bottom Line

Here are what other B2B founders I've worked with over the years have to say about our work together:

"Just one phone call with Raul helped me build a team design plan for my company, allowing us to handle our scaling needs, become more profitable and more productive. The valuable insights from our weekly mastermind meetings have really helped grow my company. I highly recommend reaching out to Raul and checking out his programs; he's top-notch and has a unique way of thinking and teaching that will help you grow your business."
Richard Matthews
Founder, Push Button Podcasts
"Raul brings in the human element and says, okay: 'Let's talk about you, your goals, your business, your ideas, your customers, your mindset' - all these different elements- that's where the secret sauce is: being able to bridge the gap between the data, the numbers, the raw intel that you need to run an effective business and have great systems."
John Nemo
Entrepreneur | Online Course Creator | Bestselling Author
"In the last 8 months of working together our business has doubled in revenue and we’re significantly more profitable… Raul has been absolutely instrumental."
AJ Wilcox
Founder | LinkedIn Ads at Unprecedented Scale
"We have almost tripled in growth in one year... more importantly it's given me my time and my sanity back"
Aaron Parkinson
CEO, 7 Mile Media SEZC
“ ‘I can’t imagine trying to grow this company without Raul’s help’… In 18 months we 5x’d our monthly recurring revenue… Raul is someone I can trust”
Jimmy Coleman
Founder, LeadBaller
Raul is a one-of-a-kind unicorn. He has the power to weave together all your needs as CEO with an integrated team, not just for smooth operation but also for how you can scale up successfully and maintain focus on high-leverage activities that will help attain these goals through success habits he's formulated over the years.
Liana Ling
Founder Power Up Strategy & CEO of AdSkills
"Raul has the rare combination of having both depth and breadth of skills, combined with the patience and passion to help others. He's particularly good at helping people streamline and codify their internal business processes in order to scale. Working with Raul has been an absolute pleasure, and I feel that my business has improved as a direct result of his input."
Victoria Griggs
CEO of Straight Line Marketing
"Raul is like McKinsey but for entrepreneurs."
Spencer Shaw
CEO & Founder at PodKick Media

About Raul

Hey, I'm Raul, I surf (not a pro), train for triathlons, power lift, chase my kids around the house, and take my wife on adventures from time to time.

I partner with digital entrepreneurs to implement proven strategies that increase company performance, scale profitably, and serve more clients without sacrificing their lifestyles.

I don't have an MBA or bought into any business certifications. I haven't been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 or some other paid award...

On the other hand, I've been blessed to have the great privilege to:

✔ Help 2-5x companies with millions in revenue & profit (helping many people become wealthy along the way)

✔ Build & lead a revenue team that produced $50M in sales in 1 year

✔ Train 1,000's of entrepreneurs in private paid workshops, programs & live events

✔ Reach over 100k+ people with my public trainings in over 60 countries

✔ Successfully lead multiple teams (as large as 200 people) 100% remote across the globe in 12+ time zones

✔ Be responsible for overseeing over $25M in direct response ad spend​

✔ Serve clients to reach their growth goals & scale their impact​

… and am striving to get better every day.

If you are serious about your growth long term and are committed to doing what it takes to reach your goals...

I'd be honored to serve you in making that happen.

Do Good Work,