Are You Applying These Types of Leverage In Your Agency?

All these questions came up in 1 day inside the High Profit Agency Mastermind.

  • Should you offer your services as a subscription?
  • Should you anchor your services to deliverables or results?
  • What do you do when you complete a 6 month contract in 3 months and then the client downgrades?
  • How do you structure the sales conversation and agreement to get first months retainer paid before work begins?
  • How do you setup a partnership arrangement with clients to participate in the performance you deliver for them?
  • What does setting expectations with clients look like when you’ve ran your business for 18 years?
  • Should you have a setup fee?

Any of these sound familiar?

If you’re trying to solve these on your own, odds are you’ll find an answer but the answer may not come on time…

Why not leverage existing systems, networks and experiences to help you move faster with clarity…

Consider applying for the High Profit Agency Mastermind to get a community of experts to work through these questions AND get the tools you need to implement them:


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