Creating A Shared Vision & Leading Teams In The New Economy with Alexander Silén

Alexander is a serial entrepreneur from Finland. Despite his young age, Alexander has already led a team of 70 people and built a business that is collaborating with some of the largest businesses in the Nordics. He instantly fell in love with building and running businesses when he started his first business in 2016 and he has founded many businesses and initiatives since then. Outside of work, Alex is a passionate flyfisher and enjoyer of the pure Nordic nature.


  • Who is Alexander Silén? – 0:08
  • Experience in leading a large team as a young leader in the digital remote world. – 2:10
  • Key insights that he discovered, not only from himself but also his leadership practice to lead a larger team. – 4:03
  • What are the visions of the business and how Alexander takes these visions? – 10:13
  • When you say “Yes” to a vision, you’re saying “No” to 1001 other things that could be shiny objects. – 14:36
  • Experience working with a team not only to have collaborative vision support but also a shared vision that everyone can agree on. – 18:33
  • Only 3% of people actually have their goals written down on a piece of paper. – 22:28
  • Making yourself useless as a founder. – 23:54
  • Your vision and your business matter, but how can you focus on one area to make you a true leader? – 28:52
  • Where to find Alexander Silén to reach out and learn more from him? – 29:15 Episode Resources
  • Connect with Raul Hernandez Ochoa
  • Connect with Alexander Silén

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