Finding Product Market Fit: A Founders Journey with SquadCast Co-Founder Rock Felder

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Today, we are talking to Rock Felder, the co-founder of and co-host of the Between 2 Mics podcast. He is on a mission to amplify collaboration by making the process of recording podcasts as seamless and hassle-free as possible. SquadCast’s innovative product is fast becoming the industry standard to record shows remotely in the best sound quality possible.



  • Being exposed to executives and founders – 2:50
  • Looking for an opportunity – 4:56
  • Big years for the industry – 6:21
  • Being strategic with your risks – 8:04
  • How he views risk -11:53
  • People coming to podcasting – 16:21
  • Building a connection with people – 19:59
  • Current trends – 22:16
  • Get in touch with Rock Felder – 24:35


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