How To Break Your Company Down In Order To Build It Back Up For Growth

Photo by Daniel Öberg on Unsplash

In Productive Profits, I discussed how there are essentially only 3 areas in your business to focus on: operations, marketing (sales lives here), and product/service fulfillment: OPS, MKTG & PROD.

We can refine further by looking at the core metrics for your company: the metrics that actually matter and drive the business forward.

For example:

-# of Prospects & Leads

-# of Qualified Sales Calls

-% Close Rate

-Customer lifetime in months

-Team error rate

-Customer Satisfaction

-Team Satisfaction

And so on.

These are core inputs (actions that you or your team can control). From these, you have core outputs. Here are a few:

-New Revenue generated

-Sales cycle

-Customer lifetime value

-Cost per new customer acquisition

-Customer churn

-Team turnover

Once you identify what your core inputs are, identify which area of business it falls under and who in your organization is responsible for the input.

Then you can identify the core behaviors needed to positively influence the core metric. Document this so you and your team can refine your approach and improve upon it over time.

If you want a worksheet to walk you step by step with this process — get it here:

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