How To Easily Create Attainable Yet Aggressive Goals That Will Influence Your Company’s Health

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

There’s a difference between your company’s vision and the clear, attainable (yet aggressive) goals that move the needle to reach that vision.

In this Spark, we talk about the latter.

When you clearly define what habits in your company drive your business forward, you can start creating feedback loops on the performance of those habits.

Let’s say you have a habit of making sales appointments to qualify, match and close clients to the correct product that they need from your company.

In that sales appointment habit, you can measure the metrics that you care about the most. For example percentage of leads to book a call, percentage of those calls attended, number of qualified calls, close rate, etc.

When you measure your baselines you can start identifying what areas of your core habits you can improve upon (and optimize).

This is where you can now look to challenge yourself and your teams to set aggressive goals.

And since these goals are based on the most important habits your company takes, setting them will benefit your entire organization.

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