How To Show Your Team How They Can Positively Influence Your Company’s Bottom Line

Photo by Leon on Unsplash

I am a firm believer that everything your company does, down to the smallest tasks, must support an overarching business goal or strategy.

If all energy within your company is driven in a singular direction, your results will be quite powerful.

But I have found that teams don’t tend to always behave that way with different departments sometimes going in unique directions…

Resulting in stagnant growth, reduced velocity, or loss of time and money…

You can easily put a stop to this by showing your team how their actions influence the overall performance of your company.

In yesterday’s Spark, we discussed your core company habits that drive your business forward.

In this Spark I want you to take those habits and detail them to your entire team to show them how they make a difference in your organization.

My philosophy in business is to do great work together so that everybody benefits, and that we enjoy the ride while we’re at it!

This first step of showing your team how they can positively impact the business provides them with the clarity to see how their work matters.

It’s not done just by simply saying it though (you’re not off the hook too easy).

You have to take a genuine interest in them, their performance, and their career growth…

Which is a larger topic for another Spark.

Take the first step today and clearly explain (and show visually) how your team makes a difference.

If you want the exact worksheet and training to clearly show your team how they can positively influence your company’s bottom line, go to

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