Get “Un-Stuck” From Your Business & Scale Your Impact So You Can Leave The Legacy You Were Created For

Are You The Disgruntled Employee In Your Own Company?

When you started the business there was a level of excitement you had: that rush, that drive of feeling alive, grasping life by the horns.


But as time went on the excitement to go to work started to fade away and now it feels as if you’re just going through the motions day in and day out. But it’s ok, you know, calling yourself an “owner” or “the boss” seems to take the edge off the pain of working double shifts.


Sure, it’s pretty cool to be known as the “entrepreneur” but let me ask you this:

This wasn’t what you signed up for!

It’s Not You, It’s Your “Hacked Design”

When you started your business you were on a mission. That mission focused on the impact you create for the world. It began with you, with your fire, ideas, tenacity, and drive. But somehow you lost your way, drifting further and further from the impact and focusing more and more just on the day-to-day grind. 


I get it. 


You were hacking every piece together to ‘make things work’ and succeed. Even if that did mean do everything yourself and work overtime. 


But did it ever occur for you to ask “how will the mission live on without me?” 


It’s not your fault, most business owners can’t seem to keep their head above the water for too long to ask those questions. 


Here’s the good news: this was a choice


  • Your daily stressors
  • Your day’s routine
  • Your team
  • Your actions

Unknowingly, these were all your choices.


All you and your company did was follow the design you made by these choices.

What If You Choose a Different Design?

Imagine you and your team working holistically, with transparent communication across teams, tracking towards finishing deadlines on time. 


Everyone knows what to do and how to do it, utilizing their resources and teammates effectively and efficiently. 


You as the leader, facilitating their movement and having a clear gauge of progress and results as you drive the growth of the company and expand your impact.

That’s Why I Created Productive Profits®

Productive Profits is the protocol I created and used to help business owners reach new levels of success, clarity, and impact. 


Productive Profits™ does not only mean profit for your bottom line but profit that changes lives. 


As a business owner, it will profit your mindset by relieving the stressors and frustrations of feeling “trapped” in your business. 


Your team will profit as they have a clearer and more enjoyable path of working towards success. 


Your family and friends will also profit since you won’t be married solely to your business and will have the leverage to allocate your time as desired. 


Most importantly, your impact will profit as you will be able to expand what you’re able to do in your business as well as outside your business… so you can leave the legacy you were created for. 


Everything, in step-by-step style, is in my book:


Productive Profits™ The Founder’s Guide To Scaling Your Impact 

and I hold nothing back!




Don’t Take My Word For It

Here are what other entrepreneurs are saying about the book:

The Most Action Packed Book You’ll Pick Up

Most business books will leave you with maybe 1 or 2 key takeaways (if you finish it) only after they make you comb through 200 pages of extra fluff for you to find the nuggets! 


I got you covered with only 10 chapters. 


No fluff. No B.S. 


Only what you need to get results.


Each chapter will cover a specific principle within the Productive Profits™ protocol, detailing why the principle is important and then give you an ACTION MAP that will help you easily implement what you learned immediately after finishing each chapter. 


Yes, that’s right, a clear, step-by-step ACTION MAP to keep you accountable to take action. And unlike any other business book, each page has a sidebar section for you to write down your own notes and action items.


On top of that you get bonus content inside the book…all to ensure you apply what you learn.

1. The Subtle Question That Will Empower All Your Actions
2. Easily Know Your Company’s Pulse At All Times
3. Reaching Your Horizons
4. Harmonizing Your Mission, Vision, And Values
5. Optimizing Your Team For Growth
6. Balancing Your CEO 80/20
7. Reducing Waste And Maximizing Your Company’s Actions
8. Designing Your Evergreen Flows
9. Scaling Your Impact Through Heroic Leadership
10. Orchestrating Your Growth

All To Help You Scale Your Impact

This results-driven book will help you:

The Value of Having Me Personally Consult Your Business at The Price of a Book

I leave no stone unturned in this book and provide the exact process I use with my private 1on1 clients. 


An hour ALONE typically costs a minimum of $250. But there are a few issues with offering my time to help only a select number of business owners: 


1) There’s only a limited amount of people I can help at any given time


2) I practice what I preach and scaled what I know in order to impact more people  


After overseeing millions in advertising spend at the digital marketing firms I’ve helped out at, I know a book like this can sell for at least $97 because of the immense value you’ll get by being able to see your business in a new light (plus all the bonus content available only inside the book)


But honestly, I don’t want to limit the number of people who get their hands on this book and benefit one way or another from the work I do. 


That’s why I want to give you my book for just $7.

Are You an Endurance Athlete?

I know I’ve tried those long 8 to 12-hour workouts and endurances obstacle races. 


But how much longer can you actually endure being trapped inside your own business? 


How much is “waiting” costing your bottom line?

Years OF Refinement

There’s practically two ways you can learn in business:


1) Through your own experience


2) Through the experience of others


This book offers the best of both as I only share what has gotten me and my clients’ results. 


From behind closed doors of small private businesses to seeing what works behind the scenes of some of the bigger entrepreneurs, Productive Profits™ is the accumulation of real-world experience and results.

Here’s What’s Next

When you click the button below you’ll be directed over to Amazon where you can securely place your order. 


Once you have the book in your hands, grab a pen and highlighter and get to work. 


I recommend reading this midmorning on a Saturday or early in the morning during a weekday while your mind is still fresh and before you get into the chaos of the workday. 


You may want to grab extra copies for your team. If you want a bulk order, just shoot me an email. 


Also, make sure you get your bonuses inside the book. 

WARNING - This Isn’t For Every Business

This book is very specific to help businesses who have a track record of success and want to maximize their success AND increase their impact.

As the business owner and leader you must:


  • Be willing to make a change in your business and do the work
  • Be open to stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Have the ability to make decisions in your business
  • Have a team (or looking to put a team in place) 


Ready to make the change?

At The End Of The Day, It Comes Down To These Two Choices

Choice 1: Go at it alone, use all the free content I share on my website, podcast and social posts and fiddle your fingers WISHING you see SOME results 


Choice 2: Grab a copy of my book and have a clear step-by-step guide to getting un-stuck from your own business and finally be able to reach your potential and leave the legacy you were created for. 


I can’t wait to hear how Productive Profits™ helps you on your journey. 


Do Good Work,

PS The longer you wait, the longer it will take you to go down the path that will get you “un-stuck” and toward success. 


Start now. 


Your impact affects you, your family, friends, team, clients, and community. 


Your choice affects your impact.