Case Studies

Sean Kemp

Sean runs a coaching program where he substantially helps businesses refine their offers & messaging for scale.

The Challenge
Sean wanted to be able to increase the volume of students he had in his program without sacrificing his service quality & the lifestyle his business allowed him to have.


  • Identified & Eliminated Key Service Delivery Inefficiencies
  • Packaged Service Delivery & Integrated Technology To Streamline Client Onboarding
  • Cut Team's Workload By 40% While Maintaining The Same Level Of Value For Customers
  • Created Scale Models & Projections To Show Different Avenues For Business Growth

“Systems….systems…systems. Raul hates this word but he’s a genius at systems that help you scale income while reducing stress and workload. 

It’s so clear to me what I need to automate, outsource, and do myself. He’s helped remove me from from MOST of the tasks in my business, automate with people/tools, and grow a TRUE lifestyle business. We’re looking at a 1.2MM company with just 10hrs a week from me. 

If you want to scale your business AND build a true lifestyle just talk to the guy”

Sean Kemp

Creator of Doctor Framed

“Raul has the unique ability and skill set to help businesses create the workflows and structure they need to grow. 

Raul is one of those people that become a major asset in your business the moment you speak with him. Most importantly, he cares about getting people results and it shows”

John Michael Morgan


JH Media

JH Media is one of the top direct response advertising agencies that is responsible for producing more than $20 million of profitable sales online, serving some of the biggest names in marketing such as as Mike Dillard, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Neil Patel, Grace Lever, and Sam Ovens to name a few.

They also provide extensive coaching & training programs that have developed some of the top advertisers online today.

The Challenge
We needed to figure out how to best streamline key agency processes & look at ways to provide an even greater service delivery for agency & training/coaching clients.


  • Provide Coaching & Develop Trainings For Hundreds of Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Businesses
  • Create Operating Infrastructures That Removed Bottlenecks & Allowed The Team To Work More Effectively
  • Coordinate Key Marketing Initiatives & Launches
  • Create Streamlined Service Delivery Flows For New Clientele & Programs
  • Train & Support Key Personnel On Updated Processes & New Initiatives

“I love the way Raul’s mind works. He has the unique ability to make order and systems in places I see complete chaos. 

We called him Raul-vorine (feel free to borrow the nick name) for his super human ability to cut the inefficiencies that slowed us down. Raul would wave his virtual steely sabers and a symphony of applications, software, and human capital would ensue. 

He is the undisputed systems flowchart king of the world and would think of every possible outcome so our team knew exactly what to do.”

Mike Zimov

Business Mentor at JH Media | Founder of

RFS Digital

RFS Digital helps businesses convert cold traffic into leads, sales & fans with paid advertising.

The Challenge
The company was undergoing a period of rapid expansion & growth, almost doubling its team size in a short timeframe. They needed to enhance their systems and operations to allow for scale.


  • Help Organize Leadership Team Structure To Allow For Improved Team Communication & Work Execution As The Company Was In A Transition Phase
  • Created Standard Operating Procedures Flows To Allow For Clear Expectations & Deadlines For Key Stakeholders
  • Created Client Onboarding Procedures & Client Marketing Funnel Strategies
  • Oversaw The Execution Of Client Marketing Strategies
  • Train & Supported Six Client Campaign Managers

“Raul is an amazingly supportive teacher and coach. I had the opportunity of working under him as a Jr media buyer. He encouraged me, welcomed my questions, listened to my frustrations, helped me learn from my mistakes, helped me define my strengths, and gave me advice that I literally still have taped on my laptop. He is definitely using his superpower to help others find theirs.”

Tracy Rye

Former Media Buyer at RFS Digital | Founder of Tracy L. Rye, LLC

Ginomai Group

Ginomai Group provided marketing services & training in niche markets.

The Challenge
The firm operated as a boutique shop however needed to create the infrastructure that allowed for duplicate results across client accounts.


  • Productized Service Delivery & Created Replicable Processes Needed To Fulfill Client Projects
  • Created New Products By Taking Existing Services & Packaging Them Into A Training Program
  • Created Operational Workflows That Allow For Scale
  • Trained & Mentored Businesses

“It is such a pleasure working with someone who does what he says to the letter. “

Sam Mohamed


“Raul is a great business coach. He helped me become clear on what value I bring to my target market, where to reach them, and what message I should deliver. 

He helped me create a step by step plan on how to market to my clients and how to measure how well things are going.”

Jason Carter


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