How Modern Creative Founders

Are Growing Their Business & Impact With Certainty

In The “New Normal”

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change”- Heraclitus

From: Raul Hernandez

San Diego, CA


Although we can’t control every variable that happens in the market, we can harness fundamental business truths to create a foundation that can last.  


In order to scale your profit & impact, your business must be built on top of the right foundation. 


Productive Profits is the process that helps you build the right foundation for your business.


It takes into account every aspect in your business including growth, operations & your team’s success to fulfill the mission of your company & maximize your impact.


Productive Profits is built on principles, experience & bottom line results. 


It has helped teams of various sizes & companies with annual revenues ranging from $800k to $50m+ (and growing).


"We have almost tripled in growth in one year... more importantly it's given me my time and my sanity back"
Aaron Parkinson
CEO, 7 Mile Media SEZC

Productive Profits helps founders scale with 3 holistic stages: 


Stage 1 Clarity:  Eliminate complexity & create the framework that will guide your growth & impact goals


Stage 2 Evergreen Flows:  Create certainty in your business & focus on expanding your impact


Stage 3 Sync: Lead effectively & maintain success as you reach new levels of growth


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Brandon Clark


From the moment you get your hands on this information that has helped build multi-million dollar companies, you will be confident taking the next steps your business needs to grow & scale holistically


Here’s the roadmap inside the book: 

CHAPTER 1. The Subtle Question That Will Empower All Your Actions


CHAPTER 2. Easily Know Your Company’s Pulse At All Times


CHAPTER 3. Reaching Your Horizons


CHAPTER 4. Harmonizing Your Mission, Vision, And Values


CHAPTER 5. Optimizing Your Team For Growth


CHAPTER 6. Balancing Your CEO 80/20


CHAPTER 7. Reducing Waste And Maximizing Your Company’s Actions


CHAPTER 8. Designing Your Evergreen Flows


CHAPTER 9. Scaling Your Impact Through Heroic Leadership


CHAPTER 10. Orchestrating Your Growth





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"In Productive Profits he promises "simple" and he delivers, without ignoring the complexity of scaling a business. The comprehensive and doable action maps will help an established company scale and a new company get a running start."
Sheri Traxler, M.Ed
Founder & Coach at ViERO Life


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First, it’s simple psychology. 


If I don’t give you a goal timeline to complete the important work of laying the foundation for you to grow your business & impact – it will be left undone.


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Charles Alexander
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"Raul's method is a must for business owners, especially ones that lean toward a more creative mindset instead of an analytical one."
Justin Darby
Business Owner
"Productive Profits is a fantastic read. Why did I have to major in business administration when I could have just read this book? Raul makes business simple and approachable through practical exercises and strategies to execute one's vision."
Epiphany Ryu
Operations Director at EpiSys Science, Inc.
"I love the way Raul's mind works. He has the unique ability to make order and systems in places I see complete chaos."
Mike Zimov
Marketing Expert
"If I could recommend only one book on growing a business, this is certainly a book that I would recommend. I’ll be adding it to my resource list as a book recommendation to coaching/mentoring clients, fellow entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to save themselves time while growing a business."
Eustan Matthews
Business Strategist & Coach
"Raul has a charismatic and systematic way of explaining situations that would otherwise seem complex and unfathomable. He has a unique process driven yet philosophical approach to business and enterprise. A rare combination in a world of the cookie cutting coach."
Lee Brooker
Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategist
"Raul simplifies the complex hidden business traps through his authentic, transparent, and qualified experience. Productive Profits does more than impact your business. It will impact you towards success in every facet of life you are Called-To."
Jody Matheson
Creative Strategist


I can’t wait to hear how Productive Profits® helps you on your journey. 

Do Good Work,