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The Bottom Line

"We have almost tripled in growth in one year... more importantly it's given me my time and my sanity back"
Aaron Parkinson
CEO, 7 Mile Media SEZC
“ I can’t imagine trying to grow this company without Raul’s help… In 18 months we 5x’d our monthly recurring revenue… Raul is someone I can trust”
Jimmy Coleman
Founder, LeadBaller
"In the last 8 months of working together our business has doubled in revenue and we’re significantly more profitable… Raul has been absolutely instrumental."
AJ Wilcox
Founder | LinkedIn Ads at Unprecedented Scale
"Raul's program is one of the best returns on investments I've seen. I really appreciate Raul's pace - you know that time is well spent and that he takes every minute seriously in his quest to help your company grow. I also am very grateful for his emphasis on data and tracking important KPIs that lead to profitability. Finally, his understanding of human behavior is exceptional. With Raul, you really do get the full package. "
Jennifer Baugh
Founder & Executive Director of Young Catholic Professionals (YCP)
"I had the pleasure of working with Raul for over a year in the middle of our company, going through a period of rapid growth, and he was critical to helping create our vision, our structure, and plan for where we were going, as well as executing that plan with our team. Really appreciate the amazing work that we did together, and if you're a business owner, I know that you're gonna love working with him too."
Adam Whiting
CEO, Entre Institute
"Just one phone call with Raul helped me build a team design plan for my company, allowing us to handle our scaling needs, become more profitable and more productive. The valuable insights from our weekly mastermind meetings have really helped grow my company. I highly recommend reaching out to Raul and checking out his programs; he's top-notch and has a unique way of thinking and teaching that will help you grow your business."
Richard Matthews
Founder, Push Button Podcasts
“Compassion | Creativity | Confidence... those are the three words I'd use to describe Raul. Raul keeps the main thing, the main thing. He's invested in people, and knows that when you take care of people, the results, the money, the success all follow. No use having all the skillsets in the world if that same someone can't implement, take proactive action, make judgment calls and do the heavy lifting if need be. Raul will do what is necessary, and there's nothing I am drawn to more than confidence. Raul is someone you want to work with if you want results and an experience.” 
Dr. Galen Detrik
Co-Founder of The Thrive Dentists
"Raul is like McKinsey but for entrepreneurs."​
Spencer Shaw
CEO & Founder at PodKick Media

About Raul

Hi, I’m Raul, and I:


🚫 Don’t have an MBA

🚫 Didn’t come from a big-name consulting background

🚫 Didn’t take some online courses or buy a franchise that automatically “gives me authority” to help you…


I’m just a bootstrapped growth strategist that enjoys espressos, powerlifting, chasing my son around the house, hiking with my wife, serving our local and global community, and helping mission driven founders scale their impact. 


With God’s Grace, I’ve been able to:


✔ Help 2-5x businesses (millions in revenue) using my Productive Profits® strategies
✔ Design & lead a revenue team that produced $50M in sales & made it to the Inc 5000
✔ Train thousands of entrepreneurs in private paid programs (and live events)
✔ Successfully lead multiple digital teams 100% remote across the globe in 12+ time zones
✔ Develop strategies by seeing what works (and what doesn’t) from being responsible for over $25M in direct response ad spend


… and am growing and getting better every day.

If your work makes a significant positive difference, I believe it’s our responsibility as founders to realize our impact potential.