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About Raul

Hi, I’m Raul, and I:


🚫 Don’t have an MBA

🚫 Didn’t come from a big-name consulting background

🚫 Didn’t take some online courses or buy a franchise that automatically “gives me authority” to help you…


I’m just a bootstrapped growth strategist that enjoys espressos, powerlifting, chasing my son around the house, hiking with my wife, serving our local and global community, and helping great companies profitably grow their revenue and impact. 


With God’s Grace, I’ve been able to:


✔ Help 2-5x digital businesses (millions in revenue) using my Productive Profits® strategies
✔ Design & lead a revenue team that produced $50M in sales & made it to the Inc 5000
✔ Train thousands of entrepreneurs in private paid programs (and live events)
✔ Successfully lead multiple digital teams 100% remote across the globe in 12+ time zones
✔ Develop strategies by seeing what works (and what doesn’t) from being responsible for over $25M in direct response ad spend


… and am growing and getting better every day.

As a fellow bootstrapped digital business owner, I believe it’s our responsibility to design our business for scale so we can have reliable profit, be a leader in our market, and consistently delight clients over longer periods of time.

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