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About Raul

I grew up in the startup scene of San Diego learning from top local entrepreneurs and some of the world’s largest brands. I helped grow several companies, worked with some of online’s influential players and have helped train and coach hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow their business….

Case Studies

I work best with businesses that already have momentum and want to maximize their potential & impact. 

Word On The Street

"Raul has the unique ability and skill set to help businesses create the workflows and structure they need to grow. Raul is one of those people that become a major asset in your business the moment you speak with him. Most importantly, he cares about getting people results and it shows"​
John Michael Morgan
#1 Bestselling Author | Branding Consultant | Business Coach​
"It's so clear to me what I need to automate, outsource, and do myself. He's helped remove me from from MOST of the tasks in my business, automate with people/tools, and grow a TRUE lifestyle business"
Sean Kemp
Growth Hacker
"Raul keeps the main thing, the main thing. He's invested in people, and knows that when you take care of people, the results, the money, the success all follow."
Dr. Galen Detrik
Co-Founder & CEO of The Thrive Dentists

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