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Are you tired of having great ideas that can help your company grow wither away simply because you didn’t have the time, training, and resources to properly implement them?


Are you fed up with not seeing a return on the hundreds of hours you invested reading books, taking courses, attending masterminds and listening to podcasts to get that ONE nugget?


If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above… keep reading 

Here’s Why Entrepreneurs Fail To Implement Great Ideas Into Their Business:

As entrepreneurs, you make things happen


But you sometimes fall into the trap of being way too busy and end up feeling like your hands are tied behind your back with:

If you don’t break this cycle, how will you grow your company? How will you reach the next level of impact?

That’s Why Successful Entrepreneurs Know That Breaking This Cycle Begins With

Buying Time At A Discount

What if you didn’t have to over-analyze other entrepreneurs’ tips and strategies to get results?


What if you could easily install the proven frameworks, mental models, and results-driven strategies of seasoned entrepreneurs right into your business?


😮 What if implementation was as easy as forwarding an email to your operations manager or leadership team…


😎 …and all you had to do is watch golden ideas be implemented


😍 so you and your team can focus on results and reap the benefits while at the same time growing your impact.

That's Why We Created INSIGHTS


Our premium newsletter community that gets detailed procedures &  training of the proven frameworks, mental models, and results-driven strategies from our incredible guests on the #dogoodwork Podcast every 2 weeks.


You’ll get curated Insights for all areas of your business including (and not limited to):


Operations, finance, strategic planning, leadership, mindset, management, HR, lead generation, branding, sales, automation, AI, service fulfillment, client management, SaaS, communities, exiting your business, buying businesses, selling your business…


You’ll get these fully detailed action maps and strategies right in your inbox ready to be implemented by your or your team. 

So You And Your Team Can Get Quicker Results & Expand Your Impact

Our guests have: 


✓ Grown multi-million dollar companies 


✓ Helped thousands of people 


✓ Worked with some of the world’s largest brands including: 


Quiksilver, Walmart, Bank of America, Google, Linkedin, Disney, BMW, Twitter, Cisco, Snap, Dreamworks, US Bank…

Here's how Insights Works

Insights Preview

✅ You’ll get a ONE PAGE S.O.P. just like the one pictured here


✅ You’ll get an overview video training to understand exactly what the Insight is, who we learned it from, and how to apply it


✅ You’ll know exactly which section in your company each Insight applies into


✅ You’ll know the purpose and outcome for the Insight


✅ You’ll get direct access to the podcast episode to hear the Insight first hand


✅ You’ll get the exact visual blueprint for each Insight so roles and responsibilities are clear and easy to read.


✅ You’ll get an instructional step-by-step video on how to apply the Insight with commentary and suggestions.


✅ You’ll get a step-by-step written checklist so you can read and apply one thing at a time.


✅ You’ll get clear expectations and timelines when applying the Insight. 


✅ You’ll get exclusive access to any additional resources available or given by our guests to help you implement the Insight successfully. 


✅ You’ll get access to the stars who shared with us their Insight learned this insight from as well as a link for you to listen to their podcast episode.


$ 15 Per Month
  • Actionable Insights In Your Inbox Every 2 Weeks
  • Access To Global Community
  • Pure Value To Help You Expand Your Impact


With Insights, we’re creating a global community to support each other so that we can expand our impact together


Collaborations and connections are essential.


You’ll have direct access to me (yes, I see every email) and resources to connect with our global network of entrepreneurs featured on the podcast.


Together we can expand our impact

Make Insights Your Own

You’ll get exclusive access to learn about future guests and be able to send in your questions! 


You’ll also have the opportunity to help us make Insights the most vibrant impact-driven global community. 


We will have our doors open to any suggestions, feedback, and ideas to help us continually raise the bar and expand our impact.


I want to ensure Insights can be accessible to both new entrepreneurs and seasoned founders without having to pay a premium. 


I typically price our work at 10:1 return for our private clients, meaning I aim to deliver a 10x value to cost ratio. This is the first time I am pricing my work at a 1000:1 ratio


We are only keeping this pricing for the first 1,000 members. Once we reach  1,000 members, we will increase the price to $150 per month, keeping the value to cost ratio to 100:1. 


But for now, the first 1,000 members will lock in our Pioneer Pricing for just $15 per month. 


No contract, no gimmicks.

Our Goals Are Simple

1) Only provide you with the best Insights from founders and leaders who have made a significant impact with their work. 


2) Ensure each Insight is relevant and applicable for you to take action. The 1st Insight will be as relevant and top-shelf as the Insight 1 year from now, 3 years from now, and so on. 


3) Keep things fun and enjoyable as we all grow together as a community! 


“I love Raul's outlook and he drops strategy and value like crazy. Definitely one of my favorite shows to tune into for entrepreneurial guidance and inspiration!”
AJ Wilcox
CEO, B2Linked
“Raul is the real deal. He does his research, knows automation and systems, and he draws out high-impact tips and knowledge from his guests.”
James Binford
VP Cloud Security
“Raul is a wonderful podcast host! His way of asking insightful questions and truly connecting with the topic makes for a really great podcast guest experience!”
Elaine Jacques
Leadership Presence Coach
“I'm utterly impressed. Raul's abilities are really quite extraordinary on so many fronts: from vision to strategy; and, from bottlenecks to streamlined & optimized processes that make business growth way less painful”
Andrew McDuff
Chief Marketing Officer, 7 Mile Media SEZC
“I love the way Raul's mind works. He has the unique ability to make order and systems in places I see complete chaos. We called him Raul-vorine (feel free to borrow the nick name) for his super human ability to cut the inefficiencies that slowed us down. Raul would wave his virtual steely sabers and a symphony of applications, software, and human capital would ensue. He is the undisputed systems flowchart king of the world and would think of every possible outcome so our team knew exactly what to do."
Mike Zimov
Marketing Director
"Systems....systems...systems. Raul hates this word but he's a genius at systems that help you scale income while reducing stress and workload.”
Sean Kemp
Growth Hacker

Let’s Do Good Work,

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PS  If you work for a company, Insights is going to help you look good with your boss allowing you to bring in fresh ideas. Make sure you get them to reimburse you for it too 😉