let's chat, whenever works best for you without a calendar appointment...

Remote and virtual work can be amazing but it can also suck the time out of your calendar to do your most important work. 

Living on Zoom is an unfortunate reality.

Plus it can take days if not weeks before we can coordinate a call with one another…

That’s why I’d like to offer another way


Asynchronous communication.

The ability to connect with one another

-at any time

-any place

-whenever you’re at your best to communicate

...without taking taking time out of your calendar

I do this with my clients, potential clients and now- a private mastermind I created. 

There’s two ways you and I can connect, right now: 

1Download the free Voxer app and add my username: dogoodwork

There we can send voice messages and texts back and forth. 


2. Linkedin Messages

If we’re connected, (here’s my profile) we can send video messages, voice messages and texts right in the messages platform 

I look forward to chatting soon!