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What Is #dogoodwork?

#dogoodwork is not a label but a way of living.

It is the constant and diligent effort to achieve a new level of excellence in one’s own life.

It is the hidden inner beauty behind the struggle to achieve excellence.

It is not perfect but imperfect.

It is the effort, discipline and focus that often goes unnoticed.

The goal of this podcast is to highlight that drive.

The guests I have on this show emulate this drive in their own special way. You’ll be able to apply new ideas into your own life by learning from them.

We will also have 1on1 episodes with me where we’ll dive into my own experiences with entrepreneurship and leadership.

Every episode is designed to provide you with ideas that you can apply and grow in excellence in all areas of your life, business and career.

Do Good Work,


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What Other's Say About Raul

"Raul has the unique ability and skill set to help businesses create the workflows and structure they need to grow. Raul is one of those people that become a major asset in your business the moment you speak with him. Most importantly, he cares about getting people results and it shows"
John Michael Morgan
#1 Bestselling Author | Branding Consultant | Business Coach​
" Raul hates this word but he's a genius at systems that help you scale income while reducing stress and workload. It's so clear to me what I need to automate, outsource, and do myself. He's helped remove me from from MOST of the tasks in my business, automate with people/tools, and grow a TRUE lifestyle business. We're looking at a 1.2MM company with just 10hrs a week from me. If you want to scale your business AND build a true lifestyle just talk to the guy"
Sean Kemp
Growth Hacker
"I love the way Raul's mind works. He has the unique ability to make order and systems in places I see complete chaos. We called him Raul-vorine (feel free to borrow the nick name) for his super human ability to cut the inefficiencies that slowed us down. Raul would wave his virtual steely sabers and a symphony of applications, software, and human capital would ensue. He is the undisputed systems flowchart king of the world and would think of every possible outcome so our team knew exactly what to do."
Mike Zimov
Founder at
"Raul is very strategic in the way he approaches any idea, project, or even a conversation!"
Darlene Bada
Project Manager at Microsoft
"It is such a pleasure working with someone who does what he says to the letter. "
Sam Mohamed
Wolds Dental Studio
"Raul is a team player who is generous with his time. He absorbs knowledge at a tremendous rate and applies it through a well planned sequence of actions that are resulting in rapid business growth."
Hilary Ward
Human Resources
"Raul’s ability to come up with new ideas, resources, and solutions is remarkable. I can always count on him to provide a fresh and extremely helpful perspective. And his positive energy is infectious. Raul is the real deal."
Jerry Lopez
Product Support Engineer at Teradata
"Raul is a great business coach. He helped me become clear on what value I bring to my target market, where to reach them, and what message I should deliver. He helped me create a step by step plan on how to market to my clients and how to measure how well things are going."
Jason Carter
PhD Software Developer
"Raul IS very generous with his time. He is a leader, authentic, an excellent listener and he really cares about his clients. What makes Raul great at what he does is listening to the potential clients needs to understand if he can truly be of service to them."
Debbie Seidel-Bittke
CEO at Dental Practice Solutions