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What is #dogoodwork?

#dogoodwork is not a label but a way of living.


It is the constant and diligent effort to achieve a new level of excellence in one’s own life.


It is the hidden inner beauty behind the struggle to achieve excellence.


It is not perfect but imperfect.


It is the effort, discipline and focus that often goes unnoticed.


The goal of this podcast is to highlight that drive.


The guests I have on this show emulate this drive in their own special way. You’ll be able to apply new ideas into your own life by learning from them.


We will also have 1on1 episodes with me where we’ll dive into my own experiences with entrepreneurship and leadership.


Every episode is designed to provide you with ideas that you can apply and grow in excellence in all areas of your life, business and career.


Do Good Work,


"I love Raul's outlook and he drops strategy and value like crazy. Definitely one of my favorite shows to tune into for entrepreneurial guidance and inspiration!"

"As mentioned in the title, the podcast delivers practical information in a succinct manner. Raul delves deep into the “day in the life of” type conversations with his guests, which is information that closely reflects each guest’s highest priorities. I am excited for the patterns to emerge overtime and can’t wait to hear more useful strategies to implement."

"Each episode delivers an insight I can use or ponder on. I’m guilty of letting a lot of podcasts play in the background while I don’t actually listen. But not this one. Keep a notepad handy because you’ll want to take notes."


Saving The Planet Through Waste with Samuele Barrili

Raul talks with Samuele Barrili, founder of M4W (Marketing for Waste), an agency focused on sustainability and recycling by providing solutions for waste management problems. Samuel discusses his background in toxicological chemistry and waste treatment, and how this influenced his career trajectory and mission to

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From the Texas A&M Football Field to the Boardroom: How Alex Sezer Jr. is Using His Leadership Experience to Cultivate Cultural Transformation in Businesses With Biblical Principles and Passion-Driven Purpose

In this podcast, Alex Sezer Jr. emphasizes the critical role of organizational culture and leadership in achieving business success. He highlights the importance of a clear vision, mission, purpose, and core values and discusses the challenges in finding the right team members. Alex believes in

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Fairness Above All: How Galen Hair, Partner at Insurance Claim HQ, Doubled His Company In 1 Year While Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry, Supporting Communities and Empowering Businesses Through Mentorship and Education

In this podcast episode, Galen Hair, founder and partner of Insurance Claim HQ, talks about his mission to change the insurance industry by emphasizing community, resonating with clients’ values, and fostering a strong team culture. Galen also delves into the significance of adapting to legislative

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From Burnout to Breakthrough: Meet Nick Deck, Founder of Agency Sidekicks, Who’s Helping Entrepreneurs Build Profitable and Freedom-First Businesses Through Offshore Teams and Strategic Solutions

In this podcast episode, entrepreneur Nick Deck discusses his journey to success, highlighting the significance of intentionality, value alignment, and patience in building prosperous businesses and lives. He underscores the importance of work-life balance and personal growth. By concentrating on these elements, entrepreneurs can develop

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