"I love Raul's outlook and he drops strategy and value like crazy. Definitely one of my favorite shows to tune into for entrepreneurial guidance and inspiration!"

"As mentioned in the title, the podcast delivers practical information in a succinct manner. Raul delves deep into the “day in the life of” type conversations with his guests, which is information that closely reflects each guest’s highest priorities. I am excited for the patterns to emerge overtime and can’t wait to hear more useful strategies to implement."

"Each episode delivers an insight I can use or ponder on. I’m guilty of letting a lot of podcasts play in the background while I don’t actually listen. But not this one. Keep a notepad handy because you’ll want to take notes."


Recent Episodes

[1on1] Adding Hours to Your Day

Raul goes back to a very early episode where he talks about living day by day. Raul shares what he calls “The 80-20 day of optimization”. Highlights As a leader – 1:25 Optimize your day – 1:55 Habits to start your day – 2:09 How

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Delusional Altruism with Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Kris Putnam-Walkerly is a trusted advisor to the world’s leading philanthropists. For over 20 years, ultra-high net worth donors, foundations, Fortune 500 companies, celebrity activists, and wealth advisors have sought her advice to transform their giving and catapult their impact. As a philanthropy advisor, speaker,

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Evolving Tech with Calvin Brown

Calvin Brown has developed applications for some of the world’s largest brands, and has managed global teams and multi-million-dollar software deliverables. What makes Calvin unique is his dedication to educate entrepreneurs and other tech professionals on how to create the software that we all know

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What is #dogoodwork?

#dogoodwork is not a label but a way of living.
It is the constant and diligent effort to achieve a new level of excellence in one’s own life.
It is the hidden inner beauty behind the struggle to achieve excellence.
It is not perfect but imperfect.
It is the effort, discipline and focus that often goes unnoticed.
The goal of this podcast is to highlight that drive.
The guests I have on this show emulate this drive in their own special way. You’ll be able to apply new ideas into your own life by learning from them.
We will also have 1on1 episodes with me where we’ll dive into my own experiences with entrepreneurship and leadership.
Every episode is designed to provide you with ideas that you can apply and grow in excellence in all areas of your life, business and career.
Do Good Work,