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Scaling to high profit

What's A High Profit Agency?

A High Profit Agency is a digital marketing agency that generates north of $1.2M in annual revenue while achieving profit margins that net you high 6 to 7 figures in profits. Those profits can be used to scale your business, create more cash flow or attract buyers with your impressive profitability.

A Proven Framework

Take a PeeK inside the 8 Week Cohort

The program is designed to customize your roadmap to high profits while optimizing for your lifestyle. 

Here's What's Inside

Optimized for Quality. Cohorts are limited to 8 people.

Mindshare. Learn from peers with vast experiences. 

Personalized Roadmap. Reach your specific goals.

Learn Async. Training & Templates included. 

Group Calls. Go beyond the training to implementation. 

Office Hours. Deep  dives to help you succeed. 

Group Chat. Async access to keep the conversation going. 

Vetted Resources. Trusted partners to fuel your growth. 

By Doing the Work, in 8 Weeks, You'll Have

  • Clear path to scale you out of the day to day (or the level of involvement you want to be at)
  • A customized High Profit Agency Roadmap to hit your growth goals
  • Key processes & strategies implemented inside your agency
  • Connection with peers who can become strategic alliances
  • Resources & potential partners to help you scale


Here are some real agency owners I've had the opportunity to support in different capacities. The goal of the cohort is to scale these outcomes with you.

"Just one phone call with Raul helped me build a team design plan for my company, allowing us to handle our scaling needs, become more profitable and more productive. The valuable insights from our weekly mastermind meetings have really helped grow my company. I highly recommend reaching out to Raul and checking out his programs; he's top-notch and has a unique way of thinking and teaching that will help you grow your business."
Richard Matthews
Founder, Push Button Podcasts
"Raul brings in the human element and says, okay: 'Let's talk about you, your goals, your business, your ideas, your customers, your mindset' - all these different elements- that's where the secret sauce is: being able to bridge the gap between the data, the numbers, the raw intel that you need to run an effective business and have great systems."
John Nemo
Entrepreneur | Online Course Creator | Bestselling Author
"In the last 8 months of working together our business has doubled in revenue and we’re significantly more profitable… Raul has been absolutely instrumental."
AJ Wilcox
Founder | LinkedIn Ads at Unprecedented Scale
"We have almost tripled in growth in one year... more importantly it's given me my time and my sanity back"
Aaron Parkinson
CEO, 7 Mile Media SEZC
“ ‘I can’t imagine trying to grow this company without Raul’s help’… In 18 months we 5x’d our monthly recurring revenue… Raul is someone I can trust”
Jimmy Coleman
Founder, LeadBaller
Raul is a one-of-a-kind unicorn. He has the power to weave together all your needs as CEO with an integrated team, not just for smooth operation but also for how you can scale up successfully and maintain focus on high-leverage activities that will help attain these goals through success habits he's formulated over the years.
Liana Ling
Founder Power Up Strategy & CEO of AdSkills
"Raul is like McKinsey but for entrepreneurs."
Spencer Shaw
CEO & Founder at PodKick Media
"Raul has the rare combination of having both depth and breadth of skills, combined with the patience and passion to help others. He's particularly good at helping people streamline and codify their internal business processes in order to scale. Working with Raul has been an absolute pleasure, and I feel that my business has improved as a direct result of his input."
Victoria Griggs
CEO of Straight Line Marketing


Get The Proven Framework To Scale & Have Your Agency Support Your Lifestyle

The investment to join an 8 week cohort is $5,000 (a fraction of 1 retainer client per month).

Cohorts are currently by invitation only

It’s an honor to be a small part of your journey. 

Do Good Work,


I like to set proper expectations upfront: the testimonials on this page represent real-life experiences and opinions of my work. They do not guarantee any results. Results vary and depend on a multitude of factors including your willingness to do the work and determination to succeed. If you are unwilling to make the changes you want to see in your life and business, do not apply.