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design | dəˈzīn | verb | to creatively solve a problem with a specific purpose & intention


After training and consulting entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and playing a key role in helping multi-million dollar companies scale, I’ve packaged everything that has gotten results into Productive Profits®.


Productive Profits does not only mean profit for your bottom line but profit that changes lives.


As a business owner, it will profit your mindset by relieving the stressors and frustrations of feeling “trapped” in your business.


It will also profit your team as they have a clearer and more enjoyable path of working towards success.


Your family and friends will also profit since you won’t be married solely to your business and will have the leverage to allocate your time as desired.


Most importantly, your impact will profit as you will be able to expand what you’re able to do in your business as well as outside your business… so you can leave the legacy you were created for. 


Productive Profits is a cycle.  


There is only a beginning but there is no finite end.


How is that?


Ask yourself, “Is there any point where you achieve perfect excellence?”


We are in a constant process of refinement, always becoming better, continuing down the path of excellence.


Productive Profits helps you and your team travel that path. 


The work we do with Productive Profits is ever evolving, moving one step closer to better and adapting to the current state of the team, the business itself and the business environment as a whole, at the present time. 


As Daft Punk says in “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”: our work is never over.


Productive Profits has 3 distinct phases.


These stages are holistic and work in tandem creating a harmony that is adaptable to businesses and teams of various sizes since it is founded on principles. 


The 3 phases are: 

  1. Clarity (including goal setting, strategy development, and value creation)
  2. Evergreen Flows (including growth operations and marketing & sales strategy)
  3. Sync (including remote leadership development, strategic thinking, mindset & holistic life integration)