Optimize Your Business For Growth

Break the Bottlenecks & Build Evergreen Workflows That Allow For REAL Business Growth & A Greater Lifestyle

  • Identify the real bottlenecks in your business (and learn how to fix them)
  • Have a clear roadmap that align with your business & lifestyle goals (the end goal is always important but your experience on the journey is even more important) 
  • Build clear, simple & streamlined workflows for your most sophisticated key business activities (no more wasting time with "trial and error")
  • Know what your team is doing and HOW they’re doing it at all times
  • Create extra time in your day so you can focus on higher leverage activities (or fun)
  • Have predetermined workflows already prepared for your next new hire (and easily scale your team)
  • Eliminate unnecessary meetings and stop having the same conversation twice

How Business Actually Grow & Scale

"Your growth should look like a J shaped curve"

That is the biggest lie business owners are told yet we always imagine that perfect J shaped growth curve.

Unless you have millions in venture backing, you cannot afford to scale on a J shaped curve. You cannot ‘move fast and break things‘ because what ends up broken if your quality of life. When you’re running the show and have team members depending on you to make the move, the first thing that always goes is your personal time.

Let’s be honest:

Would you hire yourself to be your own CEO?

Is your team and family getting the worst of you because of the overwhelm and clutter?

Do you feel you’re building your business on quicksand?

Have you forgotten how to manage churn and turnover since all your time is spent prospecting?

Would your business crumble if you flood the system with new leads and clients?

Or are you choking to even get the ball rolling with new clients who want to work with you but can’t because you don’t have a proper front end workflow built to bring them on?…

Let’s face it:

You've become the biggest bottleneck in your own business...

On top of that – your lifestyle is suffering because you don’t have evergreen workflows in your business.

Business owners tend to act like a hero… Being everything and doing everything for their business. In the beginning it made sense to do so. But now that you are trying to really scale – you can no longer afford to be and do it all. 

Your business will simply not scale if it’s only depending on you.

Real sustainable scale happens when your business grows in a series of steps

Just like climbing 86 flights of stairs to get to the top of the Empire State Building, to enjoy the view at the top, your business must progresses in steps of: growth, build, growth, build

You cannot overlook building and favor growth…

If you do, your business won’t have a solid foundation and it (along with your lifestyle) will eventually collapse.

When business owners realize that, it’s like a light bulb goes off and everything begins to make sense.

The only thing holding you back from reaching the success & lifestyle you envision is not having evergreen workflows in your business. 

Once you implement and optimize your workflow, you will be able to open up more time for yourself and team.

You can focus on those aspects of your business that you’ve neglected and have stunted (or even reversed) your growth. And you can have more time to focus on the more important aspects of your life that bring balance to your daily living. 

You’ll also enjoy the clarity and freedom that comes with knowing what direction your business is heading in and that it is actually making real sustainable progress towards that direction.

Stop endlessly seeking for answers from the outside and discover how to achieve the lifestyle and growth you want from your business by focusing on what’s already inside your business… you may also discover hidden income streams that will only add to your bottom line.

Let’s See If You’re Ready

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Here’s How the
Productive Profits Program Works

Week 1: Get Clarity

We will deep dive on what your REAL goals are and what your priorities SHOULD be in order to achieve growth.

We will use Pareto’s Principle to dissect every aspect of your company and identify the inefficiencies currently happening in your business as well as the highest leverage points.  

We will also dive into Omniscient Multi-Tasking where we will create a realistic action plan and daily map that is 100% flexible for achieving your growth goals. We will hold you accountable to this.

Week 2: Build Evergreen Workflows

There are essentially only three components in every business: operations, marketing & product/service. We will identify and focus on only the key components in each area of your business. Once we have that, you will learn the fundamentals on how to create The One Page S.O.P.™ and we will work together to build an evergreen workflow for one of the key areas in your business.

Remember, we are going to learn are the principles of how to build evergreen workflows in your business – not just another strategy. With these principles, you will be able to duplicate for every key aspect in your business – even ones that we create in the future! 

Week 3: Finalize Your First One Page S.O.P.

We will work together on solidifying your first evergreen workflow for your business and create your first One Page S.O.P. We will work through the creation process together, identify the bottlenecks in your current workflow and create an implementation guide to install your new evergreen workflow. We will also review how to setup feedback loops to allow future evolutions of your One Page S.O.P. 

Week 4: Implementation & Team Sync

We will work together to integrate your One Page S.O.P. in your business as well as iron out any flow disrupts we discovered through feedback loops. We will also ensure your team works seamlessly by incorporating the two key elements of successful implementation. Our goal by the end of this week is to make successful execution inevitable.

BONUS WEEK 1: Additional Support PLUS Further Streamline

We will have an additional week of support to implement your first workflow OR build and implement a new workflow in your business.

We will also identify customized tailored solutions for your business to integrate technology or teams to further streamline key workflows and open up even more time in your business. Remember- it’s not the tools, it’s how you use them.

BONUS WEEK 2: Additional Support PLUS Discover Hidden Income Streams

Get additional support to build and implement a new workflow PLUS uncover hidden gems that are already inside your business! We will identify these hidden gems and show you how you can leverage them to add additional income streams to your business. 

BONUS #3: 21-Day Checkup

Because it takes a minimum of 21 days to create a habit, you will get a complimentary checkup call to ensure that the workflows we built are being executed, your work is being streamlined, your team is working seamlessly and that you are taking the right actions to achieve your growth goals.

What Do I Get?

This is a DONE-WITH-YOU program which means that we will work together to create clarity & evergreen workflows in your business.

You are going to get exclusive 1on1 private calls that fit right into your schedule. Our calls will be recorded so you can always refer back to them at any time.

After every call, you will have a clearly defined (and manageable) action plan for that week. You will also get priority support to answer any question you have outside of our calls. Every week builds on top of the last, so it is critical you do the work.

At the end of the program, you will have tangible workflows that you can implement right into your business and begin streamlining immediately. You will also have a framework on how to streamline the rest of your business

Must Have Requirements

  • Willingness to make change and do the work
  • Open to stepping out of comfort zone
  • Owner of the business or ability to make decisions
  • Business must be at least in the mid to high 6-figure revenue mark
  • Must have a team/staff (or looking to put a team in place)

What Others Are Saying

"Raul has the unique ability and skill set to help businesses create the workflows and structure they need to grow. Raul is one of those people that become a major asset in your business the moment you speak with him. Most importantly, he cares about getting people results and it shows"
John Michael Morgan
#1 Bestselling Author | Branding Consultant | Business Coach​
"Systems....systems...systems. Raul hates this word but he's a genius at systems that help you scale income while reducing stress and workload. It's so clear to me what I need to automate, outsource, and do myself. He's helped remove me from from MOST of the tasks in my business, automate with people/tools, and grow a TRUE lifestyle business. We're looking at a 1.2MM company with just 10hrs a week from me. If you want to scale your business AND build a true lifestyle just talk to the guy"
Sean Kemp
Growth Hacker
"I love the way Raul's mind works. He has the unique ability to make order and systems in places I see complete chaos. We called him Raul-vorine (feel free to borrow the nick name) for his super human ability to cut the inefficiencies that slowed us down. Raul would wave his virtual steely sabers and a symphony of applications, software, and human capital would ensue. He is the undisputed systems flowchart king of the world and would think of every possible outcome so our team knew exactly what to do."
Mike Zimov
Founder at unsubscribe.agency
"Raul is very strategic in the way he approaches any idea, project, or even a conversation!"
Darlene Bada
Project Manager at Microsoft
"It is such a pleasure working with someone who does what he says to the letter. "
Sam Mohamed
Wolds Dental Studio
"Raul is a team player who is generous with his time. He absorbs knowledge at a tremendous rate and applies it through a well planned sequence of actions that are resulting in rapid business growth."
Hilary Ward
Human Resources
"Raul’s ability to come up with new ideas, resources, and solutions is remarkable. I can always count on him to provide a fresh and extremely helpful perspective. And his positive energy is infectious. Raul is the real deal."
Jerry Lopez
Product Support Engineer at Teradata
"Raul is a great business coach. He helped me become clear on what value I bring to my target market, where to reach them, and what message I should deliver. He helped me create a step by step plan on how to market to my clients and how to measure how well things are going."
Jason Carter
PhD Software Developer
"Raul IS very generous with his time. He is a leader, authentic, an excellent listener and he really cares about his clients. What makes Raul great at what he does is listening to the potential clients needs to understand if he can truly be of service to them."
Debbie Seidel-Bittke
CEO at Dental Practice Solutions