Let’s Scale Your Impact

Meet Your GROWTH Advisor

Raul Hernandez Ochoa
"I marry creative and analytical thinking to help your team make strategically logical and sound decision as you grow."


"Raul will do what is necessary, and there's nothing I am drawn to more than confidence. Raul is someone you want to work with if you want results and an experience.”
Dr. Galen Detrik
Co-Founder & CEO of The Thrive Dentists
"I love the way Raul's mind works. He has the unique ability to make order and systems in places I see complete chaos."
Mike Zimov
Founder of Clickstorm LLC
"Raul is like McKinsey but for entrepreneurs."
Spencer Shaw
CEO & Founder at PodKick Media

Our Unique aPproach

We take a holistic approach to business, growth, and impact. 


It’s not the ‘one thing that has to work correctly for you to truly grow your business and impact. 


It’s all the moving pieces working harmoniously together while you go out leading your company mission to success.  

That’s how you win without being “stuck” in your business and that’s how we help you win with Productive Profits.


Productive Profits is the protocol I created and used to help business owners reach new levels of success, clarity, and impact. It does not only mean profit for your bottom line but profit that changes lives


As a business owner, it will profit your mindset by relieving the stressors and frustrations of feeling “trapped” in your business. 


Your team will profit as they have a clearer and more enjoyable path of working towards success. 


Your family and friends will also profit since you won’t be married solely to your business and will have the leverage to allocate your time as desired. 


Most importantly, your impact will profit as you will be able to expand what you’re able to do in your business as well as outside your business… so you can leave the legacy you were created for. 



Put you in the same box and make you fit their way of doing things.

  • Tools
  • Tactics
  • Single Actions
  • Product Focused



We ask what you’re wanting to build and show you how to build it in your style.
  • Principle Based
  • Big Picture Strategic Approach
  • Leveraged Actions
  • Brand and Culture Focused 
"We have almost tripled in growth in one year... more importantly it's given me my time and my sanity back"
Aaron Parkinson
CEO, 7 Mile Media SEZC
"There is a difference between Visionaries and Technicians.

As leaders, it’s our job to never lose focus of the bigger picture while we maximize our reach and impact."
"Raul is one of those people that become a major asset in your business the moment you speak with him. Most importantly, he cares about getting people results and it shows"
John Michael Morgan
#1 Bestselling Author | Branding Consultant | Business Coach


Everything we’ll help you implement will allow you to: 

"With one idea alone I found ways to save my company nearly $100,000 a year in cost savings. ONE IDEA."
Jeremy Kean
Founder of Sudz Fundraising, Spiritwear Inc. and Route 40 Home & Wellness


I have to be very clear and upfront that this is not for every business owner.


As the CEO and leader you must: 


  • Be willing to make a change in your business and do the work. Trust me when I say, if you give me your 100% effort, I will give you 200% in return. 
  • Be open to stepping out of your comfort zone. Some of the things we will go through may either be new to you or take time to adapt. 
  • Have the ability to make decisions in your business. 
  • Have a team (or looking to put a team in place)

Here’s What'S NEXT

Click the link below to send me an email describing your current situation and what you’re looking to accomplish. 


If it looks like I can help you I will reply to schedule a call with you to dive deeper on your goals and help you develop a strategy to actually reach them. 


Regardless if we decide to work together or not you will still leave the call with an ACTION MAP custom tailored to your business and goals. 

"Raul brings in the human element and says, okay: 'Let's talk about you, your goals, your business, your ideas, your customers, your mindset' - all these different elements- that's where the secret sauce is: being able to bridge the gap between the data, the numbers, the raw intel that you need to run an effective business and have great systems."
John Nemo
Entrepreneur | Online Course Creator | Bestselling Author


It’s an honor to be a part of your journey.


Do Good Work,