3 Essentials To Streamline Your Team’s Effectiveness Online

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3 Essentials To Streamline Your Team’s Effectiveness Online 

1. Centralized communication 

2. Centralized master brain

3. Clear accountability – nothing gets done without transparency and accountability 

BONUS: Allow interactions outside of the work – have time to build the team culture



Welcome to another podcast episode. Today we're going to be talking about the three essentials that you need to streamline your team's effectiveness online. So there's only really three that we're going to condense everything down into. And those three things, the three essentials that you need to streamline and make sure your team is more effective online, are centralized communications, have a master bring in the company, as well as having clear accountability. So what does that mean? We can either get messages or communications from text, email, Skype, zoom, messenger chat, WhatsApp, so there's so many, I don't even know how many there are out there, right? You typically there's more than one communication channel, we want to consolidate and condense team communication channels, ideally into one, one. Crazy, right? If that's Slack, if that's Basecamp, if that's teams if that's whatever software you use, condense it into one You know, you might not be able to escape email?

Not not entirely, so you might need to email that one. Okay, but essentially condense all team communication into one channel. Okay? The second having a master brain in the company, what is a master brain so essentially a master brain is what I call a centralized hub of information, centralized information that you extract from communications and put in a location where everyone has access to pertinent information, what type of information information that you can refer to or need to refer to in the future information that is helpful for building a task like a blueprint, or a document or a file. It has to be extremely easy for people on your team to find the documents, the tools and the files, whatever they need to get the job done. Sometimes it can feel like it's more of a job to find the stuff in order to get the job. Done. 

Alright, so Second Master brain, if that's a centralized location of your Doc's, if that's a folder, if that's a Dropbox, if that's a Google Drive, if that's whatever drive you got, you know, there's so many, keeping everything under one centralized location. And the third, clear accountability, I cannot tell you how easy it is to lose track of accountability, especially in online teams. So you need transparency, and accountability through communication and feedback loops. Okay, I'm not doing them. The Mambo or whatever dance This is, I'm talking about feedback loops. Okay. So it's important to have clear accountability. If that's an end of day report, if that's a progress bar, a progress chart, if that's just feedback, reporting up to upper management or to managers, and ensuring that you know, what the team did that day and how progress was made. 

Those are the three now there is a fourth and this is a bonus. This is a bonus To increase effectiveness into your team, especially online is having space to have fun, have space to have your team, be a team, have fun, have communications and or zoom calls or, you know, one on one calls with the camera on so they can understand and know the human behind, you know, the text or the email, right. And it's important to have, you know, either some buffer time around or before or after meetings out to be a team to really have that, that, that back and forth, that camaraderie, just ensuring that you know, communications and work in teams, all these things happen with humans, and we can never lose sight of that. You want someone to be effective. You can't just tell them do the work and have everything done, but it's not going to be fun on their end, right? So we're really creating a team culture here and ensuring that they can grow not only in the work that they're doing, but also with a company in the future because if not, they're gonna go find someone else who may provide these three things. Things communications, accountability, Master brain, but they're much more fun to work with, or they're a better team culture. Can people do leave because of that? So those are the three essentials that you need. With an added fourth bonus, you get more for your money's worth on this podcast, which is free, right? So why do you want to do this? Well, you already know why. Email is a cluster. having too many communication channels is overwhelming. Having to look and find for resources in order to get a job done wastes time and creates stress and frustration, which makes her unhappy workers which makes for unhappy teams makes much which makes her unhappy and stressful, you know, managers and leaders and CEOs and owners, okay, so, end of the story, centralize your communication, centralize your brain, have accountability. Have fun. That's how you're gonna win online. That's how your team is going to win online, reduces stress and it allows for a team to stick together Not only now not mine, but into the future. 

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