7 Productivity Tools That I’ve Been Using For The Past 5 Years

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

Everyone loves the hacks and widgets.

Here’s my short list of tools I’ve used and love to build micro habits that increase productivity for the long term.

1- OmniFocus (LOVE LOVE LOVE for solo work but had to scale out of this when working with large teams)

2- Chrome OneTab to copy dozens of tab URLS in a matter of seconds

3- CopyClip 1&2 for Mac: to save all my COPY/PASTE texts for future use (and pin my most frequently used)

4- Streak Phone App: keep track of the daily habits that if I know I do will make for an incredible day.

5 — Gmail tagging/filtering to automatically segment my mail for me. I only check what I need to check when I need to check it. Zero inbox every day.

6 — ClickUp because it pretty much runs my business and teams…

7 — htmlcsstoimage.com to take any of my podcasts, blogs, or text quotes and auto create an image for me so I can auto post to social media. It’s not the sexiest but I just want to create and publish a post like this ONCE and have tech send it to every other social channel and auto create images for me that look decent…

What tools do you love? What tool should I check out and review?

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