[TEMPLATE] 80/20 Business Clarity & Growth Planning

Get a step-by-step business diagnosis, a clear picture of your 80/20 areas of focus, and a simple framework to create your growth strategy plan.

Listen to the audio guide to this template:
Dear Digital Growth Operator, 

We’re going to be going over something pretty special and different today. 

On this page, you will get the Business Clarity (audit) and Growth Plan process I’ve built, used and refined when working with clients and teams. (After a while, it becomes second nature). 
The value of this Template is that it will give you a step-by-step diagnosis of your business, get a clear picture of your 80/20 areas of focus and help you create your Growth Plan. 

The audio version of this piece is likewise special because it will stimulate a live onboarding and growth plan session with me while I explain why each step and its importance. 

Use Cases

I’ve used this Template when 
  • Bringing on a client and getting a holistic overview of their business
  • Clarity/Design calls 
  • When clients flew me out for QR review and planning meetings
  • When planning the upcoming year with clients and teams 
You can leverage this template for the following use cases: 
  • When working with another business (perhaps you’re vetting a partner or a potential acquisition) 
  • When doing an internal review of your business (or team/department) 
  • Quarterly business review and planning 
  • Annual business planning

How to Use This Template

This Template is fill-in-the-blank

You can copy and paste this into your favorite docs app or print it. 

Follow along with the audio and fill in the questions, and open gray spaces with your answers

Do Good Work, 


80/20 Business Clarity

1 – Company’s Core

These questions will help us understand your company from a holistic point of view. 
What is the company’s mission?
What are your company’s core values?
Goals & Metrics
Please list out all the Lines Of Business or Company Departments in the company. 
For each LOB/Department, please list out: 
  1. The current goal within the LOB or Department
  2. Metrics/KPIs being used to measure progress/success
  3. Current projects for the LOB/Department
  4. Any issues you’re experiencing 


2 – Team & Communication

Team Structure

Please list out team members by LOB/Department. Please list: 
  1. The Department/Line of Business they work in  (You can copy and paste from above) 
  2. List Y or N if they are the department head/leader (We’ll be working closely with them)
  3. Describe their role in 1 sentence 

They manage/run:

Team Meetings

Please list out current team meetings and: 
  1. Describe the purpose of the meeting
  2. When it’s being held and how often it’s being held (daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) 
  3. Who’s involved

On a scale of 1-5: How effective are your meetings in making progress?
1 = They are ineffective: there isn’t any progress after the meetings are over
5 = They are highly effective: tasks are assigned with clear expectations and timelines

3 – Information & Action

How does the team currently communicate day-to-day:
What is being missed with the current communication channel?
How does the team currently manage tasks and projects?
Who takes ownership of projects moving forward/being delivered on time?
What are the challenges you’re facing with your current project management? 

4 – Onboarding & Client Fulfillment

Your onboarding process actually begins with your sales process. We will dive deep into how they work synergistically to ensure clients have an incredible experience. 

What does your sales process look like?
  • Where do you get leads?
  • Do you take calls? Applications?
  • How many calls do you take per prospect?
  • Do you use proposals? How many pages are your proposals?
In sequential order, what happens when a prospect says “yes”? Who does what?
Where do you see issues in your onboarding & client fulfillment process?

5 – Growth

Our motto is long-term steady growth. 

This section will help us work with you to develop/support your growth strategy. 

What is your current plan for growth?
  • List out specific tactics you are implementing 
  • List out specific marketing channels you leveraging

What issues are you facing with growth?

Offer Clarity

What are you selling?
(If you have multiple offerings, do this exercise for each one…)
What is your unique selling proposition?
Describe your offer in a sentence or two and include:
  • What is it
  • Who it’s for (and who is it NOT for) 
  • The problem it solves
  • The results they can expect


What are the two most important feelings you need to make your clients feel?
Plot your products/offerings on a graph following these instructions: 
  1. Take out a sheet of paper and make a big “t” – dividing the paper into 4 quadrants. 
  2. On the X-axis write down 1 core feeling your ideal clients desire with the transformation you help them achieve. 
  3. On the Y-axis write down a second core feeling. 
  4. Next, plot out your service offerings on the map and see where they fall in the scale of the two feelings you’ve written down. 

Which offerings get your clients to experience these two feelings the fastest? This is where your core offer should be (ideally). What can you do differently to deliver at this level?
What makes you different?
What words do you intentionally use that set you apart and attract your ideal client? 
What words do you intentionally NOT use? 
What can you do or offer that: 
1 – Eliminates risk for your client
2 – Guarantees delivery time or increases speed of delivery
3 – Gives your clients more exclusivity/higher level of access 

Digital Marketing

Do you have an online sales process?
(Lead magnets, white papers, email follow-ups, low ticket offers, etc.) 
List them out here by step. 

Step 1 Landing Page/Opt-In Page
Step 2 Opt-In Thank You Page
Step 3 Sales Page
Step 4 Sales Page Thank You Page
Additional Information
Please add any additional information to this document

Growth Plan

What is the company’s Vision for YEAR?
What are your company’s goals for YEAR?
What must be true to reach your goals?
Map your milestones by timeline 
	•	Jan
	•	Feb
	•	March 
	•	April
	•	May
	•	June
	•	July 
	•	August
	•	Sept
	•	Oct
	•	Nov
	•	Dec

Business Model Growth Map

Using your Growth Plan, we can now take your business and model it out to achieve your growth goals and have hard stats to determine what must be true for you to reach your goals. 

In order to do that, simply open a new spreadsheet and add the first 7 columns as follows: 
  1. Map out every service offering you have 
  2. Add each offer’s price point
  3. Calculate how many clients per service you can take on per month. Determine if the service is a one-time service or recurring. If one time services, determine the monthly bandwidth of NEW clients you can take on, knowing the time it takes to fulfill your services
  4. Calculate your monthly revenue
  5. Calculate your annual revenue 
  6. Calculate the number of annual sales you need per product line (this will make your goal feel more achievable – because it is) 
  7. Calculate the percentage of total revenue per service you offer so you can see if your business is lopsided or safely distributed 

Below is an example: 

Here are the decisions and insights you can pull by reviewing your business in this rubric: 
  1. Column 1 Offerings: are you offering a varied product mix that allows you to diversify your revenue and meet client needs at different levels?
  2. Column 2 Price: does your pricing meet your growth goals? Is your pricing too low? Too high? Are you able to create an ascension model or increase your client’s lifetime value with your pricing model? 
  3. Column 3 Bandwidth: are you properly leveraged to meet the fulfillment demands of your growth goals? 
  4. Column 4 Monthly Revenue: does your revenue meet your monthly obligations and liabilities? 
  5. Column 5 Annual Revenue: is your annual revenue where you want it to be?
  6. Column 6 Annual Sales: what needs to be true in your marketing and sales approach to hit these targets? 
  7. Column 7 Percent of Revenue: is your revenue coming from one service only? Are you too diversified in services? What area could you double down on? What service offering should you reconsider? 
For the following areas of your business, create a plan for the points that are relevant to you and your growth targets. You don’t need to create a Growth Plan for every single bullet point, these are just here to give you a holistic view of your business and ensure you don’t miss a thing. 

Marketing Plan

  • Positioning and messaging plan
  • Brand development/refinement/reinforcement 
  • Customer journey map and conversion optimization
  • Inbound strategy 
  • Referral program
  • Affiliate Program  
  • Content strategy 
  • Promotion strategy  
  • Strategic partnerships 

Sales Plan

  • Outreach plan and process improvement 
  • Sales team development 
  • CRM Pipeline management 
  • Coaching and accountability 
  • Scripts for every stage in the sales process 
  • Upsells / Cross sales / Downsells
  • Referral partners for lateral services 

Operations Plan

  • Client onboarding plan
  • Client fulfillment process
  • Client retention strategy 
  • Client accession map
  • Client feedback mechanism 
  • Services evolution plan 
  • Research and development plan

Executive & Administrative Plan

  • Strategic planning 
  • New business development 
  • Financial review 
  • Cashflow management
  • Reporting dashboard
    • operating KPIs
  • Financials 
    • Accounting 
    • Budgeting
    • Forecasting
    • Payroll
    • Profit & Loss Statements 
  • People Strategy
    • Recruiting
    • Hiring
    • Firing
    • Training
    • Developing Job Roles & Careers
    • Performance Reviews
    • Leadership development 
    • Team Building/team bonding
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