Can You Bank on Your Mission?

Most founders think a mission is a “nice to have” or a luxury problem to solve.

And they may be right

when starting off, sometimes all you want is to
1 – not work for someone else
2 – make a lot of money

but once you go out and get punched in the face a few times, you realize that mission isn’t a “nice to have”

You may agree: mission is everything.


In short, missions attract people— future clients and talent.

Would you rather work to solve cancer and save lives or work to help a big pharma company add an extra comma to its revenue?

Ok, let’s bring it down to Earth:

Here’s the 1 thing every one of my best client’s missions have in common:

They’re relevant

A strong, relevant mission overlaps in these 3 areas:
1 – the work you do
2 – what you believe (your worldview and POV)
3 – what your ideal clients want (outcomes) and care about

What’s your mission?

With a strong purpose and mission, you will win new clients, not just for the work you do, but HOW and WHY you do your work.

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