Creating Predictability With Your Services

Productized services is one of the terms that get thrown out a lot but it’s one without a uniform meaning.

Some interpret it as creating an info product with some live calls to deliver a service.

Others may think it’s creating a subscription.

And some might think a productized service is “cheap” and not as high value as a “custom” service.

I’m not sure where you land in the spectrum but the way I interpret a productized service is one word:


Predictable input for a predictable output.

And when you start treating all your services with that framework, it forces you to systemize the process to get results for clients.

Now the thought may creep in:

“There goes my creativity, there’s no room for innovation”

The beauty of seeing productized services as a predictable outcome is that you can get a little fancy once you have all your services productized, and start creating bespoke solutions to for clients.

Let’s for example say you have 5 services and all of them are productized. If a client comes to you, as you assess their situation, you can come to the conclusion that they need a combo of a few of the 5 services.

The unique combination is a bespoke solution for the client yet for your team it’s turnkey.

Looking at your offerings, what are the main 1, 3, 5, or even 8 services you can create predictability around?

This exercise is internal, looking inside the business.

Tomorrow, we’ll dive into the external, how to present your productized services.

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