Is it better to take multiple breaks or push through when working on a tough assignment or project?

One Saturday I was working out with my buddy, Mr. Intense (he’s a dozen ToughMudders, hand full of 6- 12 hours endurance races and two 24 hour races…)

During the workout I kept finding myself hitting a mental and fatigue wall… and I had to decide

A) take multiple mid-set breaks and eventually complete the exercise or

B) slow down, keep pushing past any level of comfort and *slowly* but consistently endure to finish.

Let me tell you, option A is much easier when resting but BREAKING MOMENTUM makes it much HARDER to finish.

It takes way more effort to get back into it AFTER you’ve broken momentum. How does this fit in everyday life? I find it is best to continually move forward *at your own pace* in whatever project or work you are doing rather than taking excessive mid-set breaks.

Resting is good but is much more deserved when the work is completed. Plus, too many breaks makes it harder to get back into it and may delay your outcomes even further.

Do you find yourself choosing option A or B?

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