Fight, Flight or Freeze with Donna Desrosiers

As a Senior Retail Advisor, Business Coach and Executive Board Facilitator, Donna is on a mission is to help retailers and business leaders “stay ahead of the curve” and be ready when the world opens up to the “new reality”. 
She has successfully provided guidance for turn-around, growth and transformative companies which have resulted in significant revenue results and has empowered teams to perform at the highest level. 
She is a growth-minded leader who has never been satisfied with the status quo. 
Open for new challenges, Donna accepted executive roles in the public, private, corporate and entrepreneurial sectors, such as Quiksilver, Charlotte Russe and Walmart.
With P&L responsibility ranging from $3M to over $1B, Donna knows first-hand what it’s like to make some really tough decisions, at times, in a vacuum.
As CEO of D&D Enterprise Group, Donna provides fractional services to help Retailers, Business Executives and various organizations in North America stay ahead of the curve and is ready for the world’s “new reality”. 
You can reach Donna at: 

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