Getting Clients to Close Themselves

How many times have you had this happen to you and almost laugh:

The salesperson quotes you the price and then they “shut up”…

The awkward silence sets in…

You haven’t said a word…

… and the salesperson KNOWS THEY GOT YOU NOW!

or do they?

When people do this to me, I just want to cut through the BS and have a candid conversation… not some scripted sales show.

(Don’t worry, I’ve done this plenty of times growing up but I don’t anymore because it’s unnecessary.)

Sharp clients want to have experts in the room and have direct conversations.


  • There’s plenty of literature on how to have sales conversations
  • There’s also a plethora of information on how to present your offerings
  • The following presumes you’ve had a value conversation with your ideal client and know how to sell the future state of your offering (not your activity), have a track record of getting clients results, and have your offerings productized

Things to consider when discussing solutions with a prospective client:

Think of your offerings as rare and only to be discussed and “brought out” if the client meets the following criteria:

1 – Their attitude is cool (and you want to work with them)
2 – Their business model makes financial sense to pay for your services
3 – Their product/service is one you can actually help with your products/services

Once you’ve had your direct conversation, it’s time to present how you will help the client get their ideal outcome (future state), use what I call a Bullseye Offer, and give options to work with you and have them tell you which option they want*

The layout I use in a 3 column table:
Row 1 – A clear and upfront sentence of what the client is actually purchasing (i.e. the outcome)
Row 2 – Set expectations of what it will look like to work with you (including communication expectations, levels of access to you or the team, and depth of engagement)
Row 3 – The timeline they can expect to see results/get their problem solved
Row 4 – The investment needed to get this outcome

*NOTE: I am not sure who invented options pricing but

  1. This is my interpretation of it and one I’ve used to secure 6 figure deals.
  2. Base your options off your profitability formula to ensure you never give an option that runs you in the red
  3. Bundle your productized services into the options to create truly unique solutions for your clients without creating unneeded stress to fulfill the offering

Give this a shot in your next conversation, the first time I did I surprised myself.

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