Hidden Growth

According to a Forbes article "75% of all businesses in the UK, USA, and Australia, do not reach a point where they can employ anyone."

If you are in the 25% fold - this is for you: 

Your number one: 
-competitive factor
-underutilized and untapped potential
-liquid fuel to grow

Is hidden in your team's talent and ability. 

Hidden because you either allow their true inner talent to SHINE or you hinder it... 

In Productive Profits, I discuss a concept called "setting the stage" as you develop your Heroic Leadership skills. 

It's centered around how leaders can either set the positive or negative work environment for their team to either perform or malpractice. 

"But Raul, I don't control everything my team does, I can't be responsible for all their actions" 

If you want to remain a mediocre leader with a team that isn't being fulfilled or performing at their best, then keep thinking that way. 

But if you want your team to excel and help them grow PERSONALLY and PROFESSIONALLY - you must step up and become a Heroic Leader. 

I'll be cheerin you on.