How Successful Leaders Navigate Change With Dr. Elia Gourgouris & Kon Apostolopoulos

Successfully #navigating #change is the reflection of a team’s ability combined with strong #leadership. Strong leadership is the art of marrying both the #strategic with the human element within #business.    To help us combine both and help you grow into a strategic and empathetic leader, we have Dr. Elia and coach Kon on the podcast.    Dr. Elia is the Founder of The Happiness Center, an organization of world leading experts in the field of Positive Psychology. Together, they have helped thousands of individuals, both personally and professionally to achieve happiness, success, and wellness.   Coach Kon is the Founder & CEO of Fresh Biz Solutions, a human capital management consulting group that helps organizations develop their people, improve business results, and get the most from their talent management strategy.    In this episode you’ll learn:    1) A strategy to navigating change #remotely through trust   2) How to connect with your team and ensure the mental and physical well-being of all employees   3) The growth mindset and positive actions that are needed to synthesize seemingly opposing concepts and manage the “ #LeadershipParadox ”   4) The new talent opportunities you can take advantage of today    Listen on your favorite #podcast player or watch on #YouTube   Connect with Dr. Elia:   Connect with Coach Kon:   #dogoodworkpodcast #nevercomplacent #dogoodwork

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