How To Build A Framework For Your Business

Dear Digital Founder, 

Frameworks, systems, process, scale [INSERT FAD WORD HERE]

Ok, so I grabbed your attention.
But seriously, how do you develop a framework not only for your business today but for where you want to GROW your business to?
It all starts with DESIGN.
What do you want your business and team to look like NEXT YEAR? 3 YEARS from now… how about 21 years from now?
I bet you very few people have asked you that 21 year question.
That’s because not too many people know how to design a business, a team and profit for the long term.
After you’ve done a little soul searching and have the vision for your company, it’s next time to design your team and business model profitably.
You need to take into account your legal business structure, risk, compliance and product offering.
When you do this though, you should have a clear idea of overhead, profit margin, and how many team members you should have in your business to make your vision a reality.
From there it all goes back to building out your core business operations and focusing on your core habits to drive growth.
This is the blueprint for your business framework. From here, we build.
It’s an honor to be a small part of your journey. 
Do Good Work, 
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