How To Build Trust Remotely & Communicate Effectively With Global Teams with Luis Gonzáles

Your team’s success or failure is dependant on one key factor: communication. 


Whether you like it or not remote work is not going away. We have the power to influence successes and our team’s experience by how we communicate. 


Luis Gonzáles is on a mission is to help others improve their results and relationships through authentic conversations.


In this episode you’ll learn: 

  1. How to build a culture with authentic conversations
  2. How to lead accountability when giving feedback 
  3. The number one investment you need to be making today in your business today


Luis is a global communications consultant and trainer with over 15 years of experience in helping improve business outcomes for global organizations via training and coaching.


He has also successfully driven learning initiatives for organizations and teams that encompass cultural assessment, systemic change, and training for associates worldwide. He has lived and worked in India, México, and Brazil.


Luis has a keen ability to initiate and build trust-based relationships across organizations and cultures. 


Connect with Luis:


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