How To Create An Empowering Community With Your Brand With Kate Nowlan

How do brands extend their reach and create real impact within a community? 


GRACEDBYGRIT co-founder Kate Nowlan shares her experience in creating an apparel brand that empowered her community and how that has transformed into creating a legacy.

Kate is a Co-Founder and former COO of GRACEDBYGRIT and currently serves as a director on the boards of HYLETE, GRACEDBYGRIT Foundation, and San Diego Sport Innovators. 

She former business partner and co-founder of GRACEDBYGRIT, Kimberly Caccavo, published a book: Graced By Grit: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Starting a Business with Power, Passion, & Purpose. In the book, Kate and Kimberly share their experiences, lessons learned, values they feel are important to build a successful company and team, and inspirational stories of women within the GRACEDBYGRIT community.

The GRACEDBYGRIT Foundation is the legacy of the brand. The Foundation provides scholarship funds to support young women attending college for athletics and academics.

Kate is raising two teenage daughters in Cardiff By The Sea, CA, and enjoys spending quality time with those she loves, usually outside enjoying the Southern California sunshine and breathing in the ocean air….even occasionally catching a wave.

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