How to Never Run Outta Leads

Had a call with a client this morning and we spent a big portion of the call getting out of the sales funk:
• Clients asking for more work who backed out at the last minute
• Partners wanting Model X performance but with a tricycle budget
• Ghosted proposals

If you’re feeling this, you’re not alone.

But don’t dwell here.

Staying in this place mentally can create scarcity.

Instead, know that:

1 – Your work makes a difference
2 – More people need to hear about you and talk to you

To get nitty gritty with it:
1 – There are databases and networks with your ideal clients (costs less than $300)
2 – You are probably 10-30 conversations away from your next big opportunities
3 – Your character is your secret weapon (and irreplaceable) to building relationships

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