How To Transform An Average Agency Offer to A Compelling Offer

Case Study:

PPC Ad Agency

Current offer:

the same as everyone else

“free account audit”

During the course of our conversation, the founder mentioned a unique thing he does for clients:

“I usually work to get them to double their sales page conversion rate first and once that works, I can scale up our advertising campaigns.”


New front end offer: “Double your sales in 30 days, or you don’t pay”

Next, we need to qualify this offer:

  1. Does this offer attract clients we can serve long term?

Yes, by delivering on the promise, performing the audit anyway, and building a relationship, they can tee up a 6-12 month agreement.

  1. Is this offer a blue ocean or red ocean offer?

Blue ocean, everyone else is targeting existing large accounts, not helping create future large accounts.

  1. Does this offer highlight their unique strengths/value prop?

Yes, you show results AND do something no one else does well in their industry: build relationship.


  1. Identify the unique transformation you can deliver on
  2. Make that the new front end offer
  3. Validate that the offer attracts the right clients
  4. Ensure the offer plays to your strengths

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