Let’s Fix YOur “Dry PIpeline”

Dear Digital Founder, 

99.99% of businesses need sales to survive. 
Let’s tackle the issue of a “dry pipeline” by looking at frameworks
(Yes, you can design results – read carefully): 
First – what are your most important metrics for your sales process? 
For example: Leads,  MQLs, Sales Conversations, Proposals sent etc. 
***Step away from looking at the tactics or strategies***
Right now focus on the actual metrics that YOU (or your team) influence. 
Next – outline the actual activities that DRIVE your important sales metrics. 
For example, if a metric you influence is “LEAD”, what activities are you doing to drive that metric forward? 
(This is where your strategies and tactics can play a role)
Do this for every. single. metric.  
Finally – who is responsible for each activity and how are they executing each activity? Is your team winging it or is there a proven practice? 
This is how you influence your sales by design.
It’s an honor to be a small part of your journey. 
Do Good Work, 
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