Shortening the Gap Between Information & Action

Photo by Sammie Chaffin on Unsplash

We’ve all been there, the long drag meetings that you question why you’re attending in the first place.

All to extract certain information that you could have gotten over a text.

Now, I won’t say that all meetings are useless. I can confidently say that not all meetings are efficient.

That being said, in order to shorten the gap between information and action in your organization is to understand clearly how following elements work together and how you can facilitate action and increase your team’s implementation velocity:

1- Information

2- Communication

3- Action

These three elements work together however we don’t quite distinguish them from one another in our day to day agendas.

Here’s how to shorten the gap.

For any given communication, extract the information and store it as quickly as possible in a centralized, accessible location for your team.

Then, assign and delegate the actions derived from your communication and connect the relevant information to that action.

Here’s why your gap between information and action is wide: your failure to control your communication channels and extract key information.

From the pings, slacks, chats, hangouts, facetimes and coffee breaks: communication is everywhere, information missing in action, and action waiting to be completed.

Own your communication. When you do this, you shorten the gap and you’ll increase your team’s productivity. You might even find yourself hanging out in fewer meetings…

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