Testing Your New Offer (Step-by-Step)

Testing a new service or offer can feel like stepping into the unknown.

So, let’s grapple with the variables & actions to take that can help you find a winner faster.

Known Variables:
• The offer itself
• Price point of the offer
• Payment terms of the offer

Unknown Variable:
• Will it convert
• Will new prospects want it

What to do:
1 – Take micro-actions

x Send mass emails
x Plan huge campaigns or marketing promotions
x Limit your opportunities to “one-shot”

✓ Create micro-experiments
✓ Split test offer messaging & positioning
✓ Test with existing customers or your warm audience first

2 – Have real conversations (regardless of price point – yes, even for a $50 product)

• Hear what they’re saying
• Understand what they’re thinking
• Learn what’s blocking them from taking action
• Find what motivators trigger them to act and buy now

3 – Live in the feedback loop

For every variable review, why people:
• did or did not respond (messaging)
• do and don’t buy and why (offer/price)
• said yes but never took action (offer/terms)

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