The 2 Habits to Compound Sales

These are 2 habits that will compound your sales

IF done consistently and executed properly.

1 – Writing
2 – Talking to people

Let’s dive a little deeper into each.

• Helps solidify your thinking
• Can produce new strategies for clients
• Can turn into new products
• Can use to create content (podcasts, video, interviews, posts) (to talk to MORE people at scale)
• Helps differentiate yourself in the market

Talking to people:
• Includes talking to your warm network
• Leads into referrals and new introductions
• Includes reaching out to new people
• Can leverage paid advertising and organic content to talk to more people
• Gets your offer in front of more people

You can’t outsource these.

You can outsource the distribution but the thinking (aka writing) and message (aka what you say) must only come from you.

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