The 4th Dimension in B2B Outreach

You know that nearly everything works when you reach out to people to build relationships and win new business.

You just have to find what works for you and then…. go 1 dimension further.

Real example:

Recently, I strategized with a client on how to reach their ideal prospects and referral partners with the goal to win 7 new large deals.

The strategy is rather simple:

Dimension 1 – Identify who we want to talk to (industry, title, revenue, company size) – the classic demographic data

Dimension 2 – Find relevance.

This can be their website traffic, if they run ads, or have low engagement rates – the list goes on.

The goal is to find a relevant signal that shows that 1) they are more likely to be facing the problems you help solve and 2) they are more prone to actively be searching for solutions.

Dimension 3 – Find a reason to reach out.

Use recent posts, online activity, news, or PR events to show you did your homework.

Dimension 4 – Be human.

Very few people do this because it’s much easier to spam and cram 1000 outreach messages into a bot vs hand write a cool, unique, direct, and unmistakably human email or message (or gift if that’s your strategy)

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