The Role of the Entrepreneur

As a founder, you may have been unique at the beginning of your company, but when it starts to form arms and legs and is running then sprinting, your unique role changes…

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

There is a time where your business begins to resemble 95% of other businesses. We all have operations, have marketing, a brand, focus on sales, have admin roles, product managers, client fulfillment, and so on…

In other words, just as every human being is unique and distinct, we share the same anatomy and on the basic level, we are made of the same six elements

Same with your business. There are natural stages of growth and evolutions in your business.

So where do you play a role as a founder?

One of the biggest value add you can give your business is providing it with the vision of the future and fueling everyone with enthusiasm to reach that vision.

That entrepreneurial drive and vision was uniquely your own but now you must also share and light the spark in others on your team.

You and your business will be better for it.

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