The Two “E’s” Your Business Need To Manage As You Serve Clients

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The Two “E’s” Your Business Need To Manage As You Serve Clients
Part of the Facilitating Your Company’s Growth Series



Welcome to another episode of do good work podcast. Today we're going to be talking about the two E's, your business needs to manage if your business renders services or helps clients succeed by doing work for them, the two E's that you need to manage effectively to win every single time is emotion, and expectations, emotions and expectations. So you need to manage those and have systems in place to manage those effectively. And I'm going to show you how here. So first of all, let's talk about expectations. So when your client works with you, they need to know exactly what they're getting into with this relationship before they ever have a transaction with you. It has to be very clear from the onset of that interaction, the messaging the communication that you have with them, what they're getting into because unclear expectations create frustrated relationships. Right. And it has to be very clear from the from the onset from the for the first interaction, to the onboarding, to the calling to the scope to everything needs to be super clear. 

This is what We're doing this is what we're not doing. Which brings us to our second he is managing emotions. Because once they're in, you're helping them you're supporting them. Now it's managing the person to person side managing a real relationship. And this doesn't mean you need to be a monotone, stoic or just show no emotion at all, it means that you need to manage them properly so that they know that they're being guided by someone who knows and has a proven process to solving the problem that they want. People are secretly wanting to be led. And they want people who are smarter than them who have more bandwidth, more opportunity, more knowledge to help them succeed. By giving that's why they're giving you the opportunity to help them. So that's that's the underlying psychology here. And through managing emotions, you need to be able to manage two things properly is one obviously getting results. Bottom line. If it's a service based business, if you're serving coaching, whatever you're doing, need to get results. That's number one. 

Second is you need to make sure you have fluid Communications, right? And if you're not getting results in the beginning, guess what your communication game is going up dramatically because that your relationship needs to be there. If there's no results, no communication, guess what, there's not going to be no client. So the same thing, if you're getting a lot of results, I also see companies or businesses start to relax on their communication, which isn't the right thing to do. If you're getting results. That's what you really need to be communicating and strengthen that relationship because that relationship can go deeper. 

All right. So what happens if you don't set clear expectations? Well, sometimes I have clients who have mixed a logical explanation like expectations, and you just have to explain to them and walk through with them, where their expectations meet reality, and how you're going to help them meet the success and the results based on their expectations and your deliverables. So that's why it's important for you to have either a visual of the actual expectations and the results of the scope that you're going to be delivering to the clients as well as continually communicating those results. The success the wins as well as what they can expect next. In addition, when you're managing the emotions, you need to make sure that you have the proper frequency of communications in order to manage the relationship based on the actual problem you're solving. You know, for some industries, it's okay to just talk to your clients once a month for other industries or for other problems, it's more reasonable to talk to the client once a week or maybe every other day, it really depends on the problem you're solving as well as the type of clientele that you bring on and have marrying those two things, emotions with expectations, it just creates a winning relationship. If you have everything in place, communication is clear. Expectations are clear, as well as getting results for your clients communicating those results and strengthening a relationship. That's how you're going to win. 

So those are the two things that I believe every service based company out there, whether if you're helping clients at a low retainer a month or if it's a low subscription, or if it's high end business with high at like a five figure per month, subscribe. Or retainer, you need to be managing those two things effectively if you want to keep clients for the long haul, as well as strengthening and deepening the relationship with each and every one of those clients. And that's truly how you are going to separate yourself from competitors. And that's how you really can create a better brand for yourself. Because you're focusing on those two things, expectations, setting them clearly communicating and clearly getting results as well as the emotion side, the person to person side. 

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