“Where Am I Going Wrong With My Customer Acquisition Strategy?”

Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash

Let’s be real.

There are non-revenue driving activities and revenue driven activities in your company happening right now.

How balanced are your activities?

In order to diagnose your customer acquisitions strategy, you need to understand first, “what am I doing” to:

a) get leads

b) qualify those leads

c) convert those leads to customers

List out your activities for each.

You might have several activities under bucket A, B and C.

Once you list out each activity, review what your current numbers are.

If you are not measuring results, start immediately.

After measuring your baselines per activity, identify which activities are delivering your return on investment or return on effort.

Once you’ve identified your top activities, it’s time to make a few choices depending on your current situation:

1- do we focus our efforts on just these activities since they have worked in the past but we were caught up in too many non-revenue driving actions?

2 — do we need to enhance our top activities because we aren’t reaching our goals with them.

If you choose #1 take action and time will reveal your next best action.

If #2, identify the training or education you need to enhance your approach. Then apply what you learned. Iterate and improve as you go.