“You need E O S” — No, We Need To Talk…How To Scale Your Business Without Complexity

Dear Digital Founder, 

Ask anyone who has implemented E O S into their business and they will say they do not follow it to a perfect “T”
Because businesses (especially fast growing companies) do not fit into a box.
I’ve also seen businesses lose out on one of their largest investments because of the “box” mentality…
…by labelling and putting key team members in “their lane” they miss out on leveraging hidden talents their team members can bring to the table.
Now, EOS has added tremendous value to the industry and is an amazing starting point.
But from my experience working with teams looking to hit their first million to those looking to break into 9 figure land… to think that a bundle of tactics will get you to your next level of growth is a mistake.
First things first: you have to know where you are going and why.
It’s baffling but it happens, that entrepreneurs grow for growth’s sake and end up at a point they didn’t imagine.
Can you succeed in this way? Yes.
Is there a better way? Yes.
The better way is to design the ideal outcome and purpose of the work you are doing.
Yes, design work can make a substantial difference in the type of deals you take on, clients you work with, team members you hire and the kind of work you do.
Here are the components of an entrepreneurs design kit:
  • Lifestyle design
  • The company DNA: Mission, Vision & Values
  • Business Baseline Metrics (key performance metrics)
  • Value Creation (Profit Design)
  • Team Design (for profit) & Efficiency (while still having fun!)
These components are just the beginning. And the beauty is that these are built on principles. When you know the principle you can build any strategy to help you breakthrough in your unique situation.
When you look out to nature you see that it is organized towards a purpose.
An entrepreneurial endeavor is no different.
There must be an end goal or milestone in mind. A purpose for the work.
The work cannot be the purpose in itself. That would be fruitless. It’s like thinking the purpose of a seed is to be a seed and not grow into a flower.
We as humans have the capacity to reason and thus we can design our work to reach a purpose that we aim to serve.
This is the first basis for growing (and scaling) a business intelligently.
To identify what the impact of the work will have and then (as a starting point) build based on your current situation.
Then carefully, over time, building the work into the ideal design.
 The ideal design for the work itself, the team you want to or not want to have, the type of clients you want to take on, the types of stressors you’ll experience and the type of lifestyle you will lead.
 In order to grow sustainably over the long term, we must design and build with a long term approach.
 This is the starting point and in the next Spark, we will take your design and implement it into your company’s DNA.
There is a hidden element within every single one of your teams.
 Most teams oversee this hidden element.
But when you get this right, there is
-alignment within team members
-higher productivity within teams
-fuel to allow each team member to work at their best (and want to perform at their best)
And it’s all centered around one thing you control within your company:
It’s your company environment.
Either you will build this or it will be built for you (not recommended).
To influence and create a positive/growth environment you need to align your company goals with the overarching mission and promise you are making to the market.
You need to make this both tangible yet challenging to fuel the team to grow.
It also needs to be visual where the team, your top performers, your customers and your audience knows what the overall promise looks like and feels like.
You can influence all of this by creating alignment with your company mission, painting the vision and setting solid values that are not only said but followed and lived out.
You can grow without this.
 But we aren’t satisfied with mediocrity.
 Scaling your company’s impact (and profits) intelligently involves enhancing your entire DNA.
And living it out with integrity (aka through and through).
There is an illusion trap that we fall into as entrepreneurs that not only stunts but create a barrier between you and your growth goals.
The trap of:
-always seeking for the next big “thing” (whatever that is)
-dismissing simple concepts because they seem TOO simple they simply “wouldn’t work for me” (pun intended)
-thinking the more you pay the more value you will receive…
These are simply an illusion of perception.
Instead of the “next big thing” focus on “what has gotten results”.
-Review your company o-KPI’s and double down on the metrics you need to positively influence. (Learn more about o-KPI’s here)
Instead of dismissing simple concepts, change your perception of simple. -Simple is complexity distilled into one elegant idea that can be easily grasped. It does not mean execution will be a breeze.
Instead of assuming “the more you pay, it must be good” — make sure you are investing in the right things first based on your company needs. Make this decision by looking at your metrics.
Scaling your business is not complex, nor should it be.
By looking first are your company metrics and making an educated decision based on your NEEDS, you can make the best strategic moves without falling into an illusion.
There are core pillars in business that are quite obvious and others that are hidden beneath the surface (we’ll talk about those next).
One of those core pillars is simple: create value for your customers.
When you design value for your customers: you are listening to the market, analyzing trends, and studying behavior.
Some of the value creation efforts are included in your actual marketing (not selling) when you position the benefits and solutions in a NEW way to your audience.
This is the art of studying your customers, empathizing with their problems, understanding their world views, and demonstrating how you can solve their problems.
Designing value is simply not engineering by creating the next best product, but simply being human and understanding the person you’re looking to serve.
Value designed with proper metrics, profit margin, go to market strategy, team delivery and fulfillment is a core pillar to scaling business without complexity.
As pivotal, as it is to design and engineer a service that meets your market’s growing needs, you need to deliver it profitably.
This boils down to your team design and operational management.
Are your teams designed into their own profit centers?
Do your teams have their work properly documented and trained?
Do you have a risk mitigation plan just in case someone leaves or the unexpected happens?
There is more to design for profit than meets the eye.
Pricing plays a role but your team management plays a more important role.
You could be poorly managing yourself out of profit by not having the standardization and workflow management.
A team that is designed for growth can
Handle a 3-5x influx of new business
Strategically prioritize work
Give the founder bandwidth to innovate and drive growth
While this created efficiency and streamlines growth, you should never forget the most important thing about your team:
They need to enjoy the ride!
Efficiency without effectiveness is fruitless.
Invigorate your team
You can reach your growth goals regardless, but it’s a much better experience for everyone to do it while you enjoy the ride.
It’s an honor to be a small part of your journey. 
Do Good Work, 
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