You’re Disrespecting Your Own Time

Photo by Kunj Parekh on Unsplash

If you value your time so much, why do you disrespect other’s time so often?

-Coming (regularly) late to meetings: be punctual

-Letting meetings run longer than they have to: set an outcome

-Having all your team join the meetings for you to feel secure they’re on track: create dashboards & transparency outside of meetings

-Fighting for attention with your marketing: be intentional

The list can go on.

These and any other disfavorable behaviors tell more about the leaders than it does about the team.

If you show these behaviors, then you truly don’t value your own time. At least you say you do, but don’t actually practice it.

The solution starts by setting clear expectations and intentions about what it is you want to do and how you’re going to show up during your day.

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