#1 Reason Why Your Remote Meetings Fail (& How To Fix It)

Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

Has this happened to you?

2:52pm “you around?”

2:54pm “yeah, just finishing up the project”

2:55pm “cool, can we meet to discuss?”

2:57pm “yes, let’s get @John and @Ana on as well”

3:01pm “here’s the link Z00m”

Live Call:

“So what are we meeting about?”….


Meeting fail because they lack one key ingredient:


To be more precise, it’s the lack of leaders facilitating proper meetings, setting expectations, outcomes, and clear next steps.

Most meetings have:

  • no agenda
  • are last minute
  • don’t have clear action items

And can feel like a waste of time.

The #1 way to make most of your collaboration is to come prepared with

  • set goals/outcomes for the meeting
  • keeping meetings short and punchy
  • clearly defining next steps/outlining action items after

I’d also add… Try to make your next 30 or even 45-minute meeting a 15 minute one.

I dare you.

You’ll be surprised at how this subtle change can have a lasting ripple effect on how your team works.

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