3 Considerations for Pricing Your Services

 How much should you actually charge for your services?

Here are 3 things to consider when setting a price (1 of them isn’t talked about enough)

1 – Market Comparison

This is the most obvious and gives you a sense of what the market values your service for – but don’t stop there.

2 – Perceived Value

What’s the value your services deliver and can you price off that?

Why value price?
• Literally increases the perceived value of what you do
• Aligns incentives for you to perform at a higher level to get BIG results and
• it can actually help clients get better results because of their psychological investment in making this work

3 – Goals Aligned Pricing

Very few people talk about this…

How does your pricing align with your profit margin goals…


How does your profit margin support the business and life you want to lead?

Does your pricing work for your life, for your business, your team, and the type of company you want to grow into?

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